Bryan Pirolli

Paris adopted Bryan after college in 2008, and he’s happily called it home ever since -- though like any parent and child, they have had their moments. It’s a place where he can hop on his bike in search of bubble tea or ice cream, or sit along the canal, eating Korean bibimbap or a pistachio and chocolate pastry. It’s not all croissants and baguettes every day (though they make an appearance). He’s a journalist and a PhD candidate at the Sorbonne where he teaches university students about new media – all in French. But he’s also made the rounds, giving tours, pulling shots of espresso, preparing brunches, training for marathons along the Seine, and delivering pizzas by bike. He still gawks at Notre Dame, and he still thinks the Eiffel Tower is pretty cool, but becoming a local in this town has been a challenging and exhilarating experience. And it has of course required the occasional glass of wine, you know, to pair properly with all of that cheese.

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