world on a plate

Expedia is excited to launch the World on a Plate Challenge.

Each month, we are inviting you to try your hand at local cuisine from one of our popular package holiday destinations. As the month changes, so does the location we focus on.

We’re challenging you to use a range of ingredients (traditionally used in each location) to concoct a dish that is native to that month’s chosen country. For example, you might want to to make a paella during our Spanish month.

If you have a blog or social page, feel free to write a post about your delicious creation, describing why you chose that particular recipe, your cooking methods, and a couple of beautiful images to bring your meal to life.  Maybe it could be a childhood memory triggered your choice, a preference towards a particular food or simply the urge to cook a dish that your have never tried before.

Some people have already been hard at work producing tasty food over the past three months, all of which will be featured on our blog over the coming weeks.

Remember to use the hashtag #expediaworldonaplate in your post!

The first three will be inspired by a few of our most popular travel destinations: Portugal, Spain and Croatia.

At the end of each month, Expedia will feature a round-up post showcasing a pick of the best recipes motivated by that month’s destination.


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