Wouldn’t it be great if you could order holiday rentals the way you order sandwiches?

“I’ll take a villa. Hold the TV, extra garden, and a wildlife reserve on the side. Oh, and can I get a hot tub too?”

Last week we invited 10 travel and family bloggers to do just that with Expedia’s new Dream Holiday Home builder. The results are as crazy and imaginative as you’d expect. There are quirky cottages with pop-art colour schemes, beachfront villas with waterslides, and city apartments with surreal twists. Some bloggers want a rollercoaster outside, while others are happy with a cosy living room packed with games, books and DVDs.

Check out what our panel came up with below, and head over to Design Your Dream Holiday Home to build and share your own…


Jenny: Let’s Talk Mummy

Name: Ocean Manor

Special features: Hot tub, gym, garden, BBQ

I choose these features for our Dream Holiday Home because it is everything each family member would want to enjoy and do on holiday. From the hot tub and gym for Daddy, to the beach for both my kids to squish the sand between their toes and swim to the garden views and quirky villa style home for myself; it has everything that would make a dream holiday feel magical, comfortable and an oasis away from home for us.


Lyndsay: Fizzy Peaches

Name: Windy Glade

Special features: Hot tub, garden, fireplace, library, waterslide

I have chosen a quirky house by the sea for my dream holiday home – inside would not have too many modern amenities, just a fire in case the evenings get cold and a library, so I can work my way through the selection of books in the peace and quiet. Plus, as it’s a fantasy house, I added a waterslide down onto the beach – just because I can!




Simone and Dan: The Aussie Flashpacker

Name: Forest View

Special features: Hot tub, BBQ, fireplace

We’re lucky enough to live by the beach and so like to holiday in the mountains! I’m an Aussie so I love escaping to the countryside, especially if there’s going to be snow! We love staying in cabins that are private, self-contained and cosy whilst also being luxurious and having a few extras like a fireplace and maybe even a hot tub!


Jessie: Jessie on a Journey

Name: Happy Heights

Special features: Dishwasher, hot tub, waterslide, rollercoaster

When I’m not traveling solo I enjoy traveling with my boyfriend, so I decided to create a quirky home perfect for a couple with everything from a dishwasher to a hot tub (both luxuries neither of us have in NYC) to fantasy amusement park rides. Since it’s in the forest I’d like to think we’d spend a lot of time hiking and picnicking before relaxing with our in-home amenities. I also like to think our larger than life amenities are built with the local nature taken into consideration. Hey, anything is possible in 2016!


Miguel: Travelsauro

Name: Forest Palace

Special features: Hot tub, garden

I’ve always preferred the country to the city. That’s why I’ve chosen a modern holiday house near a lake and beautiful mountains. There is nothing like the peace you feel surrounded by the forest. Inside the house I chose to keep it simple but functional. I don’t usually watch TV, so I wouldn’t need one in the house. This is just the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the nature.


Ashley and Carolyn: The Lazy Travelers

Name: Jolly Cottage

Special features: Fireplace, board games, TV, library

For our dream holiday home, we’re sticking with the old adage, “it’s what’s inside that counts.” With the temps dropping and the holidays approaching, we’re ready to get cozy in a fully-stocked lounge. We’re dreaming of a roaring fire, board games, and a big-screen TV, perfect for forcing our husbands to snuggle up with us and watch a cheesy Christmas movie. Or seven.


Natalie Kennedy: An American in Rome

Name: Sunny Cottage

Special features: Hot tub, garden, BBQ

I have always dreamed of escaping city life and living in a village for a few months a year. I would sit in the garden, hosts cookouts with the neighbors and retreat inside to read by the fireplace when the temperatures dropped. All these features would make it the perfect place to hibernate and forget about fast-paced life for a little while.


Catherine Lux: Luxlife

Name: Ocean Villa

Special features: Waterslide, pool, BBQ, hot tub

I chose an ocean side villa because I loveeee being super close to the beach and ocean! I would love a holiday home where I could just run straight out of my contemporary villa (or ya know, slide down a waterslide from the bedroom) straight onto the beach and into the ocean. The villa would also definitely need a swimming pool, a BBQ, and a hot tub (aaaaall the water basically), and would need to be big enough for me to throw epic beach parties with my friends! On second thoughts, can I just move to California already?!


Lucy Sheref: Wanderluce

Name: Breezy Cottage

Special features: Hot tub, wildlife reserve, garden, BBQ

My dream impressionist home is by the coast (my fave place to be) with no TV distractions for a digital detox. The coast gets a but nippy at night, so there’s a hot tub for chilling out in the evenings. And the piece de resistance is a wildlife reserve for some adventure!


Inspired? Design your dream holiday home today!


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