There’s nothing better than Scandinavian summer nights! Indulge in Copenhagen’s cosy atmosphere with a delicious cocktail. Cheers for the long nights!



Ruby cocktail bar
Image by Krista via CC BY 2.0 licence.


Nestled between old, historical houses along the canal, Ruby is the perfect spot to meet for a drink or two on a Friday night! In 2015, this place was ranked number 34 on the list of the world’s 50 best bars. Ruby is decorated with great elegance (crystal chandeliers and Chesterfield couches), and it almost feels like home when entering the bar. The bartenders are very skilled, therefore you can probably get some of the best cocktails in Copenhagen! Ruby is also open for drinks on weekdays from 16:00.



Lidkoeb cocktail bar
Image credit: Lidkoeb.


The owners of Ruby decided to establish this unique, three-floor cocktail bar in the heart of Vesterbro (just five minutes from the main central station) a couple of years ago, and today, people flock here to get a taste of the insanely delicious cocktails made by the most passionate bartenders in the city! Lidkoeb is located in a historical backyard offering a charming courtyard, where one can enjoy a signature cocktail during summer. On the ground floor, there’s a wooden bar, leather chairs and a fireplace.



Copenhagen Street Food - Papiroen
Image credit: Copenhagen Street Food – Papiroen.


Not so elegant, but super fun, quirky and laid-back! Papirøen is an island in the city, which has become increasingly popular over the least couple of years due to its food market (Copenhagen Street Food) offering an entire building of food trucks with delicious food from all over the world. This is definitely the place to be during summer! Come here with a bunch of friends, enjoy the sun, the live DJ and a refreshing cocktail or two. Sometimes it even becomes a regular party spot – and it’s a party you don’t want to miss!

Holmens Kanal


Holmens Kanal cocktail bar
Image credit: Holmens Kanal.


This is one of the city’s hidden gems when it comes to cocktail bars. Holmens Kanal is located on the street of the same name (right in the middle of the city!), but it can be hard to find it; only a single metal plate next to the entrance expresses that there’s an actual bar here. Once you get inside though, a whole new world appears. It’s like stepping back into the 1920s, where fancy cocktails, soft jazz music and chic appearances was the epitome of society life. Hang out by the marble bar and let the bartender impress you.

Cava Bar Playa


Cava in Copenhagen
Image by cyclonebill via CC BY-SA 2.0 licence.


The brand-new Cava Bar Playa has recently moved from the popular food halls of Copenhagen (Torvehallerne) to a more laid-back location by the channels, pampering guests a charming view and a great outdoor terrace. The bar, which is open everyday until midnight, offers a hearty selection of different types of Cava, seafood and charcuterie. It’s a perfect place to meet during summer! Occasional live music.

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