Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk down the streets of Manhattan? Seeing our favourite TV shows on screen clearly impacts us, the audience, encouraging us to travel to the places where they have been shot. If you are planning your summer vacation, this is your chance to get off the sofa and experience it all for yourself.

If you need some inspiration, here you have 5 cool TV destinations around the world!

1. London: Sherlockology

Sherlock Holmes Museum London

Do you love the stories of Sherlock Holmes? If the answer is yes, then there is no way you can ignore London this summer. The British capital is the land of Mr Holmes. North Gower Street is one of those places that you will easily recognise from the TV series on BBC. But don´t forget that the famous 22IB door isn´t in Baker Street (where the Sherlock Holmes Museum is) but in Camden. If you are one of those people that never misses an episode, London won’t disappoint: Walking across Greater London will be like attending one of the film sessions. Other locations you might be interested in are: The Scotland Yard offices (Broadway, London. Tube: St James Park), the famous Trafalgar Square or the South Bank Skate Park (Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank side).

Where to eat: Brindisa Soho (46 Broadwick St, London), also one of the locations where the series was shot. If you feel like you need a tasty selection of Spanish tapas, don´t hesitate to pop in!

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2. New York: The Big Apple

Central Perk Cafe, New YorkIt is true that we all love New York, even if we haven’t visited it yet. However, thanks to the endless list of TV series set in the Big Apple, then yes, we definitely love it. Sex and the City or How I Met Your Mother still makes us laugh, whilst we wish that one day, we´ll move to Manhattan. But if there is a TV series that has had a real impact on our lives, it´s Friends: The story of 6 young professionals trying to live on their own in the big city. If you want to see where Phoebe played the guitar and where the love story between Chandler and Monica began, don’t miss your chance to walk to the Corner of Bedford and Grove in Manhattan. This building also has a small cafe on the ground floor, however it isn’t Central Perk as that was a set in Los Angeles.

Where to spend the afternoon: If there is a place for creativity in NY City, it is MoMA – Musuem of Modern Art (11 W 53rd St, New York). You won´t ever want to leave!

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3. Rome: The Ancient Rome

Cinecittà Studios, Rome, Italy This British-American-Italian production was released in 2005 and is set in the 1st century BC, during Ancient Rome’s transition from Republic to Empire. It tells the story of two soldiers and their families. Of course, what we see on the screen is the ancient city of Rome, but remember that if you really want to feel the real past of the city, there is only a place for it: Cinecittà Studios (Via Tuscolana, Rome). It’s probably the largest film studio in Europe and it´s considered the hub of Italian cinema (Classic movies such as Ben Hur and Cleopatra and Gangs of New York were filmed here). But this is also a place to learn – attention films lovers because it also houses some museums dedicated to the history of film-making!

Where to enjoy a film for free: Visit the Casa del Cinema (Largo Marcello Mastroianni 1, Villa Borghese)

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4. Copenhagen: Politics, Media & Drama

CopenhagenIt is probably the hottest show in Europe. This Danish production tells the story of politician Brigitte who suddenly becomes the first female Prime Minister of Denmark. Borgen is a nickname for Chistiansborg Palace, which houses the Danish parliament and it´s where most of the drama takes place. Follow the Borgen tour and discover the most interesting locations of the Scandinavian city and find out more about the Danish architecture: Copenhagen Business School, The Black Diamond or the Garden of the Royal Library will be some of the unmissable places you’ll discover.

Where to buy true vintage:
Remember that Copenhagen is one of the most fashionable cities in Europe. Visit FN92 Vintage for super cool redesigns of vintage dresses (Larsbjørnsgade 6, 1454 Copenhagen)

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5. Seattle: Comedy on the Northwest coast

Seattle Who hasn’t wished for their psychiatrist to be like Dr Frasier? We had ten years of fun with the great stories of a psychiatrist that comes back to his hometown after the end of his marriage. Even though the show wasn´t filmed in the city (It was actually filmed at the Paramount Studios in Hollywood), the show encouraged us to feel the city as a smart destination (who doesn’t remember the amazing views from Frasier´s apartment?). A bit later, in 2005, we met the Seattle Grace Hospital team and even though the whole show is more about internal emotions, we have to admit that strong feelings have a lot to do with Seattle´s weather. If you ever visit the city, don´t miss Pike Place Market, a good place to confirm that Seattle can also be a super bohemian destination (students, artists and urban buskers often visit the area).

Where to have the best coffee in the city: Visit Espresso Vivace (Check out its several locations at espressovivace.com)

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