January is the month of looking ahead, seeing what areas of your life need improvement, then jotting them down and working on a better lifestyle. But won’t a trip mess with your shiny new resolutions? Not in Amsterdam! Here are some tips on how to stick to your New’s Years Resolutions while enjoying the gorgeous backdrop of Amsterdam.

Resolution: Work Out More

City trips, contrary to popular opinion, are actually a GREAT way to work out more. There’s so much walking to do if you want to see a city properly! Wear some funky trainers, skip the public transportation and just walk everywhere. Or, instead, go for a run in the Vondelpark or Amsterdamse Bos. The latter is a forest about three times larger than Central Park in New York! It is a bit further away from the city centre but it’s a great way to train off those bitterballen.


Vondelpark, Amsterdam
Vondelpark: perfect for outdoor pursuits – and pretty to look at too! Image by Matthew Black via CC BY-SA 2.0 licence.

Resolution: Meet New People

Amsterdam is a great place to meet new people. There is always the option to sit in a bar and start a conversation with someone. People in Amsterdam are friendly and speak English very well, so don’t worry about awkward conversations. During summer, sitting on one of the many terraces in Amsterdam is a perfect way to start a conversation. Also joining a (free) walking tour through the city can be a way to meet new people and work out more at the same time!

Resolution: Get More Cultured

If your resolution is to get more cultured then you have chosen the best city to do just that. Amsterdam is perfect if you want to immerse yourself in art or learn more about the history of the capital city or the Netherlands. Visit the Jewish Historic Museum, Van Gogh Museum or Rijksmuseum for example. Or how about seeing a play in English in one of the English theatres in Amsterdam or seeing the Dutch National Ballet? Amsterdam has got it all. If it’s movies you want, look for the movies with the tag ‘OV’ (original version).


Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
The Rijksmuseum (and its many treasures). Image by Dennis Jarvis via CC BY-SA 2.0 licence.

Resolution: Save Money

Saving money is always a good resolution to keep. When going on a city trip, it is completely up to you how much money you spend. However, if you are looking for things to do that are free of charge then the Netherlands is your country. Known for their greedy nature, Dutch people are very clever in saving money. In Amsterdam, you can take one of the free ferries or do a free walking tour for example. Also the ‘secret garden’ of Begijnhof and free lunchtime concerts every Wednesday at Concertgebouwplein are great ways to save money and still make lifetime memories.

This guide to resolutions in Amsterdam will hopefully help you to rock your resolutions while visiting this city. But also don’t forget to just have fun on your trip and make it a good one!

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