Every island in The Philippines is an adventure in itself, from the mystical island of Siquijor to the volcano island of Camiguin. Kirstie Pelling explored Cebu and Bohol in the Visayas with her family…

Roots to the sky

A fairytale beanstalk looms above us. Gnarled wood fingers creep and spread from river bank to the top the clifftop. But tree root climbing isn’t just for storybook heroes; me and my family are about to push ourselves up the branches. This three in one work-out is made for children; they get to trek through the hillside like an explorer, climb a monster tree without fear of falling out and then rappel down the rock face like a flying squirrel.

Bike on a wire

It’s the second time in two days we’ve found ourselves high in the air and slightly out of our depth. The zip bike was introduced last season at Bohol’s Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP) and being a biking family we can’t resist it. While we are being kitted up for the ride we soak in the magnificent view of the famous Chocolate Hills. In myth, the hills are said to be the solidified tears of a giant. There’s no chocolate involved in their making; they are packed with coral deposit and their name comes from their toasted glow in summertime and the fact that they look like Hershey Kisses. But they are a spectacular collection of more than 1700 near perfect mounds, stretching over 6 villages. Once we’ve had our fill of hill, we proceed up a tall tower to grab the handlebars and pedal off into the sunset on a high wire.

Simply flying

If you prefer your zip wire without a saddle, you can fly over the forest and river at the Loboc Eco-Tourism Adventure Park. Or further into the interior of Bohol, E.A.T. Danao facilitates a raft of activities including kayaking, caving, zipwiring and that novel sport of tree root climbing I mentioned earlier. This government run community project also ploughs all profit back into the locality.

It’s your choice

Adventure is everywhere in The Philippines, and sometimes where you least expect it. Just riding a jeepney can be an experience as you bump about on potholed road, wind in your hair, dodging tricycle and motorbike, kitten, carabao and the school bus. You can have an adrenaline rush high up on the 37th floor of Cebu’s Crown Regency Hotel on the Sky Walk Extreme around the building. Or you can go underground for a tour of the delightful and very accessible Hinagdanan Cave, one of more than 1000 on Bohol. You can bike through Olango Island villages as local children run to keep up with you, or feed Nemo your lunch on the nearby coast.

There are 7107 islands of adventure in The Philippines. We chose to explore Cebu and Bohol. Which will you choose?


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