Amsterdam might not be the first city to pop in your head when you think of ‘food’ and/or ‘festivals’, but food festivals are booming, and Amsterdam is joining in on the fun. Wondering where the ‘in-crowd’ is on a random sunny weekend day? The answer is most likely ‘at a food festival’, where they’ll be indulging in freshly cooked food, sunshine and music. Here is a list of the best of them.


Barbecue in Amsterdam

Rollende Keukens (12-16 May)

Rollende Keukens (‘rolling kitchens’) might be one of the best known festivals in Amsterdam. It takes place at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, a terrain that is loved by festival goers. This year, the Rollende Keukens are organised during the Pentecost weekend, so the festival has an extra day to enjoy. Grab as many friends as you can get, and spend a day or two at the event. There is food for everybody and every food truck has something unique.



Dutch Raw Food & Lifestyle Festival (12 June)

If you are into healthy, green, raw and biological foods, rejoice: the Dutch Raw Food & Lifestyle Festival has all you need. The festival combines food with lifestyle products, workshops, meetups and presentations focusing on a raw and conscious lifestyle. During the festival, you will learn more and get inspired about the raw lifestyle and you can follow workshops about yoga, mindfulness and cooking for example. The Dutch Raw Food & Lifestyle Festival takes place in June and is located at a former farm.


Nutella Festival, Amsterdam

Nutella Festival (16 July)

Nutella has never been more popular. In the past year, several Nutella stores have popped up around the city, and in July 2016 Amsterdam will host the first Nutella Festival in Europe. The festival offers food trucks that will serve dishes with and without Nutella, live acts as DJs and bands and several other attractions. You can buy a ticket on the official website.

Foodtruck Festival TREK Amsterdam (14-17 July)

In the Amstelpark in Amsterdam you can visit the Foodtruck Festival TREK. The park transforms into one big outdoor restaurant with food trucks, live music and theatre. The festival is the perfect place to spend some of your summer nights in Amsterdam, whether it is with lifelong friends, family or new friends. You get to try new foods and maybe discover some new favourite artists. The Foodtruck Festival TREK is actually held in various cities around the Netherlands throughout the summer.

De Parade (12-28 August)

De Parade is actually a theatre and music festival with all kinds of acts and workshops. But the touring festival also has many food trucks travelling along. The food trucks, theatre and music together make for a fun weekend out in the park. De Parade takes place in Amsterdam in the Martin Luther Kingpark in August. Before that, it also travels through Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.

De Foodhallen

Okay, so it is not actually a food festival. But there is food and there is a festival feel, so it counts, right? The Foodhallen in the west of Amsterdam house several food stands with all kinds of food. Fish, Italian, Korean, Turkish, extra healthy or deep-fried everything; you are sure to find something to your liking. Get your food, join a table and meet some new people at the same time. De Foodhallen are opened seven days a week, all year long, so even if you miss out on the festivals, you can still get your food festival fix here.

What is your favourite food festival in Amsterdam? Or want to find out? Start by checking out our hotel deals for this city.



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