Sara Morgan-Beckett

Sara Morgan-Beckett’s first taste of New York came at the age of 23, gathering interviews for BBC Radio 1. Sara was so enamoured in those 48 hours that she resolved to one day live there. Fourteen years later, after spending her 20s as an entertainment journalist in London and continuing her radio career in her early 30s in Sydney, she achieved that ambition. She’s been living in New York for three years and feels there’s nowhere as exciting. She loves the High Line in Chelsea, the restaurants in the Meat Packing District, the bars in the Lower East Side, and the East River ferry to Brooklyn. She’s a big fan of the craziness on the subway and the fact every type of food is available. She adores the city’s diversity and that everyone has a story. Sara’s broadcast journalism background has led to her writing and reporting for some of the UK’s biggest media: Channel 4, Grazia Magazine, and British Sky Broadcasting. Her musician husband Darren moved to NYC from Belfast 20 years ago. They now have their very own little New Yorker; their daughter Delphine.

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