Where Two loves collide: family and work

These days more and more couples have two passions in life: their family and their work.

Meet Bastian and Vera, a creative couple from Berlin with a young family. They find the lines between work and home blur now more than ever before.

Bastian is the founder of a creative technology company called Jovoto. Built from nothing to a now 80,000 strong team in over 150 countries, it’s been a labour of love from the very first moment but one that comes with a lot of commitment.

Vera is a hair and make up artist who’s setting up her own studio. Working mostly in the music industry, the job requires her to work awkward hours and not conform to the classic 9-5.


how would kids change bastian and vera’s lives?

But what happened when kids came on the scene?

Instead of giving up their ambitions they found they just had another love in their life.

So began the work-life balancing act.

In careers as connected as theirs, how do they ever switch off? They like to spend time together during the weekends when they can but holiday and weekend times are scarce.

Deciding it was time to get away they booked a trip that had everything they needed.

But can the sands of Dubai provide a much needed oasis? Watch our video to find out.

Find out how to book your own dream holiday to Dubai.


An Interview with Bastian and Vera:

What keeps you coming back to work day after day?

Bastian: Creating a work environment that unleashes great talent is a very rewarding for me. Today, we host a community of more than 85,000 professional creatives from all around the world. More and more often we realise that we’re changing some of our talents’ lives for good. Just last week we received a thank you note from a designer living in Syria – it just makes sense.

How did you get into hair and make-up?

Vera: During my time at university studying maths, I tried hard to avoid studying as much as I possibly could; I did a few gigs as model. That’s when I decided to get into hair and make-up. I simply love it.

How did you two meet?

Vera: We were both born in the same city, Münster and the local skate scene was connected through an online skate community. Bastian approached me through that.

Bastian: Yeah, she seemed to be the craziest, most beautiful girl in the entire community. And then we ended up becoming good friends for more than ten years, before Vera converted me.

Vera: Haha, it was about time.

Where do you get your drive?

Bastian: I get it from Vera, without her I would be a couch potato.

Vera: Not much to add here.

Any advice for other ambitious parents?

Vera: Live, work and let go. Sometimes I’m so stressed out because of my long agenda for a single day, that I lose focus on the important stuff. When I get the feeling that I need a break, I take one.

Bastian: Accept failure as part of the masterplan. Children first. Period!

What do family trips mean to you both?

Vera: Family trips are for refilling the batteries! That’s all we need from time to time!

Bastian: Yeah, we need a reset button. Travel, especially family trips are great reset buttons.

What was your favourite activity to do in Dubai?

Bastian: Trying to walk up and down the sand dunes in the desert with our kids, the countless pool sessions and certainly watching the sunset.

Vera: My favourite was the waterpark wild water channel.

What are a few key things you swear by to make sure you make the most of your work/life balance?

Vera: Listen to yourself. If you feel overworked then leave, it won’t get any better.

Bastian: You only live once. Use your time and seek lively moments that you can remember. At times this mindset leads to a certain level of exhaustion but a happy one. You know why and that’s ok.

Other than Dubai, where have you always dreamed of going as a family?

Bastian: A small, remote island surrounded by warm water where the basic stuff you need is provided – a clean right-hander right off the beach that provides forgiving, smooth waves so we could teach my kids surfing.

Vera: New Zealand!

Any advice for those trying to make it into the creative industries?

Bastian: Get to know yourself. What do you want, I mean what do you really, really want? What are you good at, what are your passions? Focus on whatever you find at that intersection. Chances are good that after 5-7years it will turn into viable position, earning you a good income.

How did you feel about seeing yourself on the TV?

Bastian: I need a haircut.

Vera: It was a bit weird, I have to say. I’ve done some modelling jobs before so I’ve seen myself on a poster before but never with my family and especially not on TV.

What did your friends and family have to say about the advert?

Vera: My mum and my sister said that they want to be involved the next time we do an Expedia trip… haha they loved the clip! I got only positive feedback from my friends too.

How important are family moments to you both?

Bastian: More important than anything else. Period.

Vera: Super important. I mean in the end spending time with the family is the only important thing.

How did the kids find Dubai? Would you recommend it to other families?

Vera: They loved it. I remember when I was a kid, I loved going to waterparks and enjoying the perfect weather, which I still love when I go on holiday.

Bastian: I am not exactly a luxury traveller. Those who are, probably value Dubai. Those, like me who aren’t, should go as well. It’ll be an important experience.


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