As we wave goodbye to 2015, we take a look back at some of our favourite blogs of the past year, covering everything from photography to family and lifestyle.

We’ve compiled a list of 30 bloggers, organised by their digital influence, content theme and general greatness, so check them out and let us know if you agree!

Travel Photography Blogs

Enviable landscapes, delicious international cuisine and exotic locations all play a part in the online portfolios of our top five photography bloggers.

Top blogger – Art Wolfe

Women in colourful clothes
Art Wolfe’s vibrant collection of travel photos really does inspire you to pack everything up and travel the world. Getting up close and personal with his surroundings, Art truly captures the destinations he visits.

Everything Everywhere
Great barrier reef
Gary, of Everything Everywhere, sold his house in 2007 and started travelling the world. As a self-taught travel photographer, Gary really captures the environment he’s in, be it a beautiful landscape or the local culture he’s embraced.

Stuck in Customs
Rice paddy fields
Stuck in Customs author Trey Ratcliff’s images have been quoted as “mind-blowing creations that, at first glance, appear to be some digital trompe l’oeil; a Photoshop trickery post-production creation”, by film director JJ Abrams, no less! Trey’s blend of striking colours and enviable locations leaves us scrolling through his blog for hours.

Land Lopers
Christmas food market
Among the many wondrous subjects of the Land Lopers blog, Matt boasts food as one of his favourite things about travelling, and his pictures don’t disappoint. The blog is a very personal account of Matt’s travels, his reflections on life and travel, and what he’s learnt along the way: a unique perspective that’s earned him his place in our top five.

Gavin Gough
Two small children in the street
Gavin Gough’s photographs are about much more than exotic locations and wild adventures: his photos tell a story and offer intimate cultural insights. Gavin makes the most of each stop-off on his trips – the only thing he relies on is light and new perspectives.

Family Travel Blogs

Family holidays can be extremely memorable. They’re a great chance to bond, share new experiences and learn more about local cultures. Family travel blogs are an ideal place to gain advice on new countries and travelling with little ones, as you’ll see from our top five.

Top blogger – Mini Travellers
Camper van in Portugal
A wealth of advice and fun family anecdotes can be found with the Mini Travellers: anything from day trips to holidays in the UK and further afield. The laid back attitude of Karen and family will leave you inspired for new family adventures.

Where’s Sharon  
Family walking together in Paris
Sharon, her husband and their two children aim to provide information on smarter, cheaper travel on their blog, Where’s Sharon. Sharon offers destination-specific advice, but also general tips on money, flying with kids and preparing to travel, creating a well-rounded information station.

Global Mouse Travels
Latitude Festival
The family-focused travel blog, Global Mouse Travels, has an array of ideas for family-orientated trips with a twist. One of our favourite posts of this year is 50 places around the world to take your kids before they grow up, including the likes of Latitude festival and the world’s highest volcanoes in Africa.

Family, Food and Travel
View in Croatia
The title of this blog, Family, Food and Travel, possibly gives you a little indication of what it’s about! Kerrie and her twin boys take you through their travels across the globe, along with delicious recipes from herself and her chef husband. Plus, there are plenty of tips for tackling life with twins.

Family Adventure Project
Family skiing with mountain backdrop
This time, an activity-based family adventure blog: The Family Adventure Project. From surfing to skiing and adventure cycling to road trips, Kirstie, Stuart and their three children take their passion for travel to the extreme.

Lifestyle Blogs

Travel has become a way of life for our top bloggers in this category. We love their mix of luxury and budget travel, group travel and distinctive blog designs.

Top blogger – The Blonde Abroad

Yachts in a harbour
Giving up a job in finance to travel, The Blonde Abroad, aka Kiersten, is a Californian who writes about everything from the ultimate carry-on packing guide to a Yacht Week beginner’s guide. Why not take inspiration and browse our package holidays to Rhodes? Please note, you’ll be desperate to know how to achieve this lifestyle once you’ve read Kiersten’s blog!

Hither and Thither
Beach scene
You’ll be mesmerised by the aesthetics of the Hither and Thither blog, along with the easy-to-navigate design. Ashley, a free-lance writer from California, covers the length and breadth of America along with far flung destinations, focusing on food, travel, family, style and design to give you a comprehensive read.

Different Doors
View from above Prague
From luxury extreme to budget travel, Revati and Charles from Different Doors take you through various locations around the world. Travellers at heart and cooks by passion, they try to live like locals where they can, but also enjoy adding a touch of luxury to their journey along the way.

The Lazy Travelers
Rooftop bar on a harbour
Ashley and Carolyn, of The Lazy Travelers, are two best friends travelling the world “one glass of red at a time,” taking in the sights and sounds of every city, country and continent they cross. This blog is a feast for the eyes!

The Culture Map
Lady in front of street art with hands
From street art to quirky settings, Shing, from The Culture Map, shows us the sights. As a blogger determined to learn about new cultures, Shing delves deep into each of the places she visits, pushing the boundaries and even visiting a cat café with a cat allergy!

Alternative Blogs

Some bloggers like to show a different side to travel: enchanting destinations seen from viewpoint new perspective. Our top five alternative travel bloggers put exactly this kind of refreshing spin on their globe-trotting adventures. From eco-friendly trips to humorous slants, you’ll love these unique wordsmiths.

Top blogger – The Everywhereist

Ruins in Ireland
The Everywhereist is written by the very funny Geraldine. Her travel blog pulls no punches: she writes as if talking to a close friend and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. That’s probably because The Everywhereist is a “love letter” to her husband, Rand – a travel scrapbook he can look back on after hurrying from meeting to presentation.

Green Traveller
Yurt in a field
Eco-friendly travel is growing in popularity thanks to a greater awareness of our impact on the planet, and Green Traveller is the perfect resource if you’re thinking of making your travel plans kinder. It’s a huge resource filled with suggestions for travel destinations, local must-sees and activities, and they’re all sustainable.

We Said Go Travel
Grand canyon with towel
We Said Go Travel is a community of travel writers who enchant readers with tales of their far-flung adventures. Multiple writing styles, experiences and favourite destinations come together in one inspiring place: we dare you to pay the blog a visit and not want to book your next trip immediately!

Urban Travel Blog
Train station in Prague
Urban Travel Blog is a fabulous guide to the bustling hearts of the globe. From package holidays to Istanbul to chilled out weekends in Berlin, this community of travel writers provide an exciting guide to a whole range of urban destinations. Nightlife, festivals, trends: this blog has it all. And with such a range of different writers, you’ll never get the same thing twice.

Eat This Poem
View of the sea from a car
Nicole, of Eat This Poem, says that, ‘If you love the smell of books, gathering round a dinner table, a good glass of wine (or tea), and reading when it rains, you’re in the right place’. This couldn’t be truer – Nicole’s blog is a feast of literary travel guides to places like Adelaide and Mexico City. Get ready to lose yourself.

Food Blogs

While some may be frustrated by the barrage of ‘foodstagrams’, for us, cuisine is very much a part of travel and experiencing new cultures. We often look towards bloggers to give us inspiration, be it recipes or new places to eat. With so many blogs displaying foodie treats, it was hard for us to select our final five.

Top blogger – London Unattached
Country house in field
A mezze platter of delicious feasts from across the globe, Fiona at London Unattached takes us on a regular foodie journey to different local and exotic destinations. From Christmas markets in Slovenia to French cookery schools, these mouth-watering pictures will truly whet your appetite.

The Travel Bite
Cheese board
As a former innkeeper, Rachelle, founder of the Travel Bite, learnt to cook from chefs as she worked in social media marketing. Bonding over food and sharing laughter with friends is one of Rachelle’s favourite pastimes, and this certainly shows through her delicious looking blog.

Bacon is Magic
Lady with a cow
Professional chef meets professional eater in this fun, foodie blog. Dave and Ayngelina of Bacon is Magic boast an enviable Instagram feed of eateries in the USA, Latin America and Europe that will have you booking a cuisine-heavy holiday, pronto.

Fed Man Walking
Taco plate
Fed Man Walking, Mike Sutter, embarked on The 500 Tacos Project – a taco a day for the whole of 2015, which is certainly enough to have you hooked on this travel-come-food blog. As a former restaurant critic, Mike is your man for meat feasts.

Eat, Cook, Explore
Malaysian crispy crab food
A Londoner with a self-confessed love of eating and travelling, May at Eat, Cook, Explore covers everything from Italian to Michelin-starred dining. Our favourite articles are definitely images from Dubai Food Festival, and May’s Malaysian-inspired recipes.

Europe Blogs

When we’re being battered by rain in the UK, far-flung destinations can sometimes be more appealing than those on our doorstep. But, with so many beautiful and interesting places just a short distance away, we should give ourselves a nudge and remind one another of all the wonderful places on offer in Europe. The following blogs will certainly help you out!

Top blogger – Bald Hiker
Yorkshire Countryside
The Bald Hiker is a vibrant read from author, Paul. Started in 2010, the blog features beautiful scenic views of Paul’s home town, Yorkshire, and European city breaks. Paul’s idyllic imagery covers everything from accommodation and tech to beaches and hikes.

Travels of Adam

Travels of Adam has its own unique perspective, which also includes ‘hipster guides’ in cities and countries around Europe. Adam, who relocated from Boston to Berlin, treats readers to an array of kitsch coffee shops, gay travel tips and nightlife hotspots across not just Europe, but the world.

Dream Euro Trip
Dream Euro Trip
DJ is on hand to help you plan your Dream Euro Trip. Writing about everything from a budget calculator to events in European cities, DJ loves to throw dinner parties, let loose at festivals and check out local fashion scenes.

Europe up Close
Gardens on a bike
Terry, of Europe up Close, really draws out the hidden gems of the continent. Providing detailed accounts of destinations from various writers, if you’re looking for the secrets of a city, you’ll certainly find them here.

Drive on the Left

Drive on the Left depicts the story of Drew and Julie: American expats who moved to London in 2013 to start an exploration of Europe. This insightful blog covers destinations, food and drink, as well as expat advice from a couple’s viewpoint.

Who were your top bloggers of 2015? Were you all about food last year, or did you take inspiration from our family travellers? We’d love to know!


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