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Best day to book flights and hotels is Sunday – particularly if you’re visiting the US when flights can be as much as 50% lower than booking on a Friday. Try to avoid booking on a Friday as business travel bookings on tend to make average ticket prices (ATPs) highest on Fridays.

Relative to days of the week, worldwide, weekends are the best time to book flights and Fridays are the worst. ARC data indicates that with domestic travel, economy tickets booked on weekends are 5 percent lower on average, while premium class fares are 7% lower on average, when booked on weekends. Internationally, ATPs have been up to 20% less for premium-class tickets booked on weekends.

The Friday phenomena is largely due to business travellers, who tend to make most of their flight purchases at the end of the week.

For travel originating and ending in the United States, Sunday is by far the best day to book a flight, with Average Ticket Price (ATP) savings of 11 percent vs Friday. Sunday savings for flights originating in the United States and heading to Europe are even larger, at 16 percent. For travel originating in the United States and flying to Asia, savings average 10 percent over the other days of the week.

Sunday bookings are best for travelers originating and remaining within Europe as well, with ATP savings of roughly 30 percent. For flights from destinations in Asia to other destinations in Asia, booking on Sundays will save 38 percent on the ATP.

Sunday booking is particularly advisable for travellers originating in Europe and traveling to other destinations in Europe, with average ticket prices (ATPs) coming in at roughly 30 percent lower. ARC data indicates that travellers booking on Sundays have seen ATPs:

  • up to 22 percent lower on flights originating in Europe and traveling to the United States,
  • roughly 13 percent lower on flights originating in Europe and heading to Asia Pacific.

Booking hotels on a Sunday is also usually the best day especially if you’re booking for same day travel, but potentially the worst day if you’re staying on a Saturday night.

For hotel bookings as the gap between booking and stay dates increases, those same average daily rates get higher. They’re at their highest for Saturday-night stays. So if you’re booking a hotel on a Sunday and you’re looking to book a hotel room for the coming Saturday night, Sunday is actually the worst day to book.

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