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On the hotel side looking across the globe, November and January offer some of the best room rates and July, August and March are some of the most expensive months to book hotels, but on the hotel side, this varies much more by market. While July tends to have some of the highest average daily rates overall, it is one of the least popular months to go to, say, Las Vegas, because temperatures there regularly hover around 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius). Some of the best advice for anyone shopping for hotels is to take time to understand the target markets, and try to avoid particularly high-demand periods where possible.

Best month to buy round trip tickets starting in Europe is January unless you’re travelling to the US when September is best.
January is also the best month to buy economy round trip tickets within the same region in Africa, North America, Canada and the Caribbean, but February is best if you are travelling within the Middle East region and June is the best month for booking flights for travels within the Asia Pacific region.






Intra-RegionBest Month to Buy Economy Round-Trip
Asia PacificJune
Middle EastFebruary
North America, Canada, CaribbeanJanuary

According to our data, the best months to buy economy tickets for traveling between regions irrespective of planned travel period are as follows:














Intra-RegionBest Month to Buy Economy Round-Trip
South America <> North AmericaSeptember
South America <> South East AsiaSeptember
South America <> Northern EuropeJanuary
South Korea <> Northern EuropeJanuary
South America <> Southern EuropeJanuary
Japan <> Northern EuropeJanuary
Australia <> Southern EuropeJanuary
Australia <> South East AsiaMarch
China <> Southern EuropeJanuary
China <> Northern EuropeJanuary
North America <> EuropeSeptember
North America <> South East AsiaJanuary
North America <> AustraliaFebruary



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