Travel has in some ways become more complicated. With stricter security resulting in longer lines, we are spending more time in airports waiting for our flights. However with every seeming drawback there is an opportunity, side effects that in this case bring inspiration, comfort, and beauty.

Airports have risen to the occasion. We get excited not only about flying to a destination, but landing at a certain airport with their unique and surprising amenities. The growth of the travel industry and technology that has made this world smaller has fostered airports that reveal a sense of style, catered to travellers of all kinds making it a worthy environment in which to indulge, relax, and experience new things.

FLIO helps travellers find airport hidden gems and more. The airport app helps you to get around, connects you to the airport’s Wi-Fi, gives you access to lounges and has great deals for food and shopping. Here is FLIO’s ‘Best Of Airport’ list, which reveals the fantastic things you can do at the airport before your next trip!

Old time favourite

Schiphol airport in Amsterdam has been a firm favourite for years and it is easy to see why. It effortlessly toes the line of the comfortable convenience of having never left home (baby care lounges, showers, a hotel) to the excitement of the unfamiliar. The Dutch are a leading example of seamless transition to modern society such as having the first 6D theatre in an airport. It is a short ride simulated by sound, movement, and lighting to a 3D film. Schiphol strives to improve and inspire the experience of passengers. You can see this by taking part in a behind-the-scenes tour of the airport where you will visit areas that are not normally open to the public. Its a must see for aviation enthusiasts and curious minds a like.

AMS_6D Theatre

For art enthusiasts and adventurers, take a walk throughout the airport and keep your eye open for sculptures, unique pieces such as teapots and clogs and gain a better understanding about Dutch art. Airport Park offers a sanctuary for the traveller looking for some relaxation, Bubbles restaurant helps you to indulge in oysters and champagne, and XpresSpa helps it all come together with offers of massages, oxygen treatment, and haircuts.

Keep Schiphol airport in mind, it is truly an airport built with passengers in mind.


CDG Espaces Musées
We often like tradition because it can demonstrate competence, something solid, a favourite that needs little changing. We also like the modern, cutting edge, a chance for the creativity to spawn a new original. The best is when both of these factors come together, add gourmet food, and you have the Espace Musées and Café Cubiste in the Charles de Gaulle airport. The museum is only 3 years old but it is backed and collaborates with famous Parisian museums. Located in one of the most beautiful European boarding halls, it uses the 2500 square feet of space to bring free art exhibitions to over 4 million travellers. The museum understands the importance of airports, using its exhibitions to spread the inspiration that only art can foster, drawing people of different nations to admire and gain knowledge in the same space. Cafe Cubiste does not fail in this mission, synchronising with current exhibitions by tailoring its decorations. Their fusion food is also impeccable. It’s a taste for all the senses, art, food, and the togetherness of people.



MSP delivery
Leave it to the Americans to refine convenience once more. If you find yourself at Minneapolis St. Paul airport, waiting in departures yearning to have good food but hesitant to leave your gate, you have the option of ordering online. There are plenty of choices to choose from including Shoyu and Mimosa, and the Cibo Express Gourmet Market (sandwiches, salads and more) and they will be delivered to your seat within 20 minutes or you get a refund. This is one of the best amenities an airport can offer, a stress free way to get good gourmet food on the plane.

STR Michelin star
In 1992, a restaurant in the south of Germany, was awarded a Michelin star. It has since then retained it along with dozens of other accolades. Top Air is as good as it gets. Situated in Stuttgart airport, you eat in an elegant long hall with the Swabian mountains as your scenery. Treat yourself to amazing experimental dishes, 6 course meals, and the best that Southern Germany’s airport has to offer. Revel in the Michelin experience while waiting for your next destination.


HND Planetarium
Planetariums are not a thing of our young school days. They still continue to inspire awe, a perspective of the vastness of our universe, a closeness gathered from this knowledge. Haneda airport understands the beauty the night sky creates once viewed in a comfortable, unobtrusive setting. So, they built the first planetarium in an airport and now you can enjoy your soothing cup of coffee while watching 40 million starts twinkling above you.

ARN Jumbo Jet
Travel is magic. Buckling your seatbelt on a plane, settling in as the plane speeds down the runway for take off, and holding your breath at the beginning of the ascent. You feel untethered, rushing thousands of miles to your destination. Now you can feel that same magic on the ground. Jumbo Stay Hotel in Arlanda airport is a converted jumbo jet from 1978. It is unarguably one of the coolest places you can lay your head down at the end of the day. Have a drink in the Cafe and mingle with other aviation enthusiasts then retire in the cock-pit to dream under the sky, safely secure on the ground.


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