Are you heading to Croatia this summer? If so, make sure you remember to explore Expedia’s Hidden Places map of Dubrovnik, which we launched a few weeks ago (if you haven’t already had a chance to look).

While some secrets can be plotted on a map, other sensations are harder to pin down, from scents to tastes and experiences, so we’ve put together a few little extras to help you plan your trip! Our feast for the senses should allow you to picture Dubrovnik in your mind’s eye, shimmering in the evening light with cruise ships docking in the harbour, cable cars climbing the hillside and kayakers traversing the coastline while people dine gazing out to sea from the popular shoreside restaurants. Palms rise on the horizon and you can clamber aged staircases to wind your way round residential alleyways where the sounds of children playing ring on the air. Intrigued? Read on to find out more…

City views                                                                                                                              

Dubrovnik is best viewed from atop the Minčeta Fortress, from which the city surges towards the sapphire Adriatic in a tide of red rooftops. Originally constructed in the early 15th century, this crown-like symbol of the city’s iconic fortifications commands its finest panorama, and is well worth the exertion of clambering up what feels like several thousand steps for the reward at the top. You won’t see it marked on a map, but its vistas will remain stamped on your memory for years to come.

Croatian cuisine

If Dubrovnik had a taste, it would be of fresh seafood. The city’s hybrid culture is immediately evinced on sampling Croatian cuisine, a fusion of Italian, Turkish, Hungarian and more local influences. Some of the city’s finest flavour revelations unfurl nightly in contemporary eatery Kopun. This white, crisply decorated space forms a sparse backdrop against which the varying colours and textures of pasta, shellfish, bright salads and hearty stew dishes sing out in flavourful symphony.

Scents in Dubrovnik

The scent of Dubrovnik, on the other hand, has to be that of a slowly swirled glass full of plonk, a feast as much for the nose as the taste buds. Slink down the lane near Pile Gate in Dubrovnik’s Old Town to discover the boozy delights of D’Vino Wine Bar, where white and red doses of Croatian wine are served in carefully curated flights and complemented by cheese, olives and fresh bread for those who like to nibble as they quaff.

Dubrovnik has it all so discover your own travel secrets with a trip to the city this year, or share your favourite spots in the comments. Don’t forget to check out the map too!



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