Welcome to a new feature here on the Expedia UK blog! Every week, we’ll pick some our favourite blog posts from across the Internet. These blog posts can be informative, inspiring, or maybe a bit of both.

This week, we’re taking a look at some solo travellers who inspire us to get out there and explore the globe.


Oneika has been travelling on her own for many years, and in this post, she shares a video with her top safety tips for women who’d like to venture solo, too. A must-watch for solo female travellers, or those thinking about becoming one!

Read: 6 Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone


Kristin has been on the road for years, travelling solo to places like Mozambique, Argentina, and, recently, Hawaii. Here she shares a very honest (and very inspiring) post about being scared to travel solo, even after all these years… but why she still travels on her own every chance she gets. Her blog has many similar articles that will make you want to drop everything and book a plane ticket.

Read: Why Travelling Solo Will Always Scare Me


Matt has been travelling solo for the better part of a decade, and his blog is a treasure trove of tips, stories, and photos from his adventures. In this post, he sums up his very best tips for those looking to travel the world.

Read: My 30 Best Travel Tips After 6 Years Travelling the World

Jessie has fallen in love with solo travel, and in the end it changed her life. Read on for her takeaways after many solo trips abroad… you might just book your own after reading this!

Read: How Solo Travel as a Female Changed My Life (and How It Can Change Yours, Too)


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