There are plenty of unique shopping streets in and around Copenhagen, but they’re usually quite unknown for tourists. Luckily, that’s all going to change now, as I’m presenting to you some of my favorite shopping streets and markets in the Danish capital.


Gammel Kongevej

Stretching almost 2 kilometers from the calm yet trendy district of Frederiksberg towards the city center, Gammel Kongevej is named the unofficial main street of Frederiksberg. There are lots of fashion stores, cafés, fresh food and grocery stores and tailors along the way, hence its huge popularity amongst both young and older people. The street is usually quite busy (there are cars and bicycles running through), but the atmosphere is still somewhat calmer than that in the city center. And the surrounding neighbourhood is green, spacious and family-friendly! J Gammel Kongevej is full of small, quirky shops – most of them independent. If you stroll down the street, you’ll find anything from fashion related items (both vintage and modern) as well as book shops, shoe shops, beauty therapists and interior stores. One of my own personal favorite shops is ’Creative Space’; a public workshop allowing you to create your very own collection of ceramics. So much fun, especially if you visit with friends!

Gammel Kongevej is a unique shopping street in Copenhagen due to its laid-back yet lively atmosphere. It’s really easy to get your hands on vintage pieces and antiquities – and in general products you can’t find anywhere else.


Waterfront Shopping

I’m not usually a fan of shopping malls, but if you need to get out of the buzzing city center and closer to nature, I can highly recommend Waterfront Shopping Center, which is located in spacious surroundings in Hellerup – a suburb to the north of Copenhagen. The shopping center faces the popular waterfront, which is connected to the ocean, and that in itself makes for a perfect cocktail on hot summer days! It’s not a typical spot for tourists, who tend to overlook this area and stay in the over-crowded streets of Copenhagen, and that’s a shame.

Waterfront offers 35 quality-oriented shops offering anything from fashion and beauty to groceries and cosy cafés. There’s even a luxurious fitness center and spa on the 1st floor! Several of the fashion shops here are dedicated to high end brands and unique interior items such as designer lamps, rugs and arts and crafts. Last, but not least, Waterfront also accomodates a couple of restaurants offering healthy food, quality coffee etc.

Make sure to take a walk in the area as well; it’s close to Copenhagen yet nestled in beautiful natural surroundings.



While the popular food market ’Torvehallerne’ is best known for its wide selection of gourmet food shops and take away restaurants, there’s a lot more to it than that. For example, many don’t know that it’s also possible to buy organic skin care products, Chinese groceries and quality kitchen equipment. Torvehallerne is a oasis in the center of Copenhagen: locals and tourists come here to enjoy breakfast, coffee, lunch, dinner or simply to meet with friends and do some shopping. Everyday, around 60 vendors sell unique products, which are often impossible to get anywhere else, and even though it’s an upscale food market, it still has that genuine vibe going on. People are trading goods, enjoying life and meeting for a cup of coffee in the sun. It’s the spirit of Torvehallerne that makes people come here again and again. So does fresh strawberries and vegetables from a Danish farm, award-winning coffee or handmade chocolates sound appealing? Or maybe you’re looking for that perfect gift for your mother, brother or friend? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place!


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