Where David’s Love for Photography Began

We’re often told we learn a lot from our parents and pick up the odd habit and trait here and there; for David, that’s exactly what happened.

Now he’s an award-winning photographer, but his love for photos all started with a few country walks with Mum and Dad.

Ever since he was given his own camera for his 18th birthday, he’s not stopped snapping and it was soon clear that David had talent and an eye for the finer details.

His parents entered three of David’s pictures into the Down’s Syndrome Association ‘My Perspective’ photography competition and all three of them picked up an award.

Since then he’s had his photos exhibited in New York City, boosting his confidence tenfold.

Would David’s dream come true?


David has been fortunate enough to travel to places like Tanzania where he photographed cheetahs and their cubs. However, there’s one thing he’s always wanted to shoot more than anything else: the Northern Lights.

So after being inspired by our site the family booked a trip of a lifetime and they were off to Iceland in pursuit of the elusive Northern Lights.

But would David and his family be lucky enough to see the Northern lights?

Watch to find out:

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An Interview with David:


How did you discover your interest in photography? What has inspired you to continue?


Going out walking with Mum and Dad. Dad stops to look for beetles and take photos and Mum stops to look at birds and take photos so I wanted to look and take photos too. Then I was given a camera which took good photos and people like my photos which makes me happy.


Top tips you would give any amateur/budding photographers / What advice would you give to others who love photography?


Take lots of photos and some of them will be good. Take photos of things you like and that interest you. Don’t get put off if some are blurry or not how you thought they would be, just keep going.


Any words of advice for people overcoming obstacles to follow their passions?


Keep trying and do your best. Don’t give up and if something is too hard try to find another way of doing it. Keep dreaming and hoping because dreams can happen.


What makes a photo or a shot special?


Often it is the lighting and colours. I love sunsets and sun bursts and water. Also I love if I capture a good picture of wildlife, especially of birds. I actually take a lot of photos of birds from a distance, not as good photos but so that I can identify them when I get home.


What are the pieces of kit you would never travel without? 


My Canon EFS camera with an 18-55mm lens, my prize when I won the DSA ‘My Perspective’ competition in 2015, and my 55-250mm lens added as a birthday present. Also spare battery and memory cards and battery charger. And my passport!


How did it feel to see yourself on TV?


Excited, happy, proud, confident in myself.


Do you get recognised after appearing on such a high profile ad?


People who know him have come up and congratulated me and a couple of people on his bus have spoken to me.


Has this made you a more passionate photographer?


Yes. It has made me want to travel to new places to take more photos.


What’s your next big project?


I have just been to Rome with my brother Chris and friends Josh and Nathan. I wanted to see the starlings and the Colosseum. We are hoping to go to Norway in the summer.


What are your favourite places to take pictures in York?


In York I like the Museum Gardens and along the River. I also like the Minster and its windows. At home (Wheldrake) I like Skipwith Common, Wheldrake Woods and along the Canal.


Where in the world are you dreaming to take photos?


Everywhere! I want to see the orangutans in Borneo, and polar bears in the Arctic. And The Galapagos islands and Autralia, everywhere!


How did you discover your love of photography?


I just like seeing things and taking photos. And I like it when people like my photos and they make them happy. I loved it when I won the DSA ‘My Perspective’ competition. I felt so excited and proud. And I loved it when Heart & Sold liked my photos and put them on exhibition. They took 4 of my photos and we went to see them on exhibition in New York. (Heart & Sold was set up to promote art works by people with Down’s syndrome)


Where have you taken your favourite photos?


Most of my favourite photos I have taken on holidays when you see new things and new places. I have been to Scotland, Italy, France, Tanzania, America, and Iceland.


What would be your recommendations to anyone who wants to have amazing photo memories of their holidays?


Take lots and lots of photos. Make a book of them when you get home.


Tell us about your three favourite photos.


It is very difficult to choose three. I really like a sunset photo I took in Iceland because it looks like a volcano erupting.

My Misty Minster photo which won the competition. I took it one cold, foggy morning when I was in York with my support worker Nick. It is all blue and grey and cold and atmospheric.

Also my poppy field photo which I took out walking with Dad. It is bright and cheerful and makes me happy. It makes me feel I could just walk into the field and be surrounded by the poppies. I like flowers.

Mum’s favourite is a picture of a cheetah and her cubs I took in Tanzania. I took a lot of wild animal pictures in Tanzania I really like and am proud of


Where were your favourite spots to take pictures in Iceland?


Behind the waterfall was amazing but the best place was on the glacier. It was cold and dark and slippery but I didn’t notice because it was so exciting. When the Northern Lights began to show it was so amazing and I was so happy.



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