Forget Paris or Rome, Vienna is one of the most culturally rich cities in the world. With an unbeatable mix of cool bars, arty galleries and an unrivalled coffee culture, Vienna should be your new favourite city break destination. Here’s why.

Experience European Café Culture at its Finest


Whether you’re a coffee lover or not, Vienna’s Kaffeehäuser are practically an institution across the entire city. An integral part of the Vienna experience, be sure to pay a visit to any one that takes your fancy and while away an afternoon over a steaming cup of Austria’s finest paired with a slice of deliciously classic sachetorte.

If coffee’s not your thing, most Kaffeehäuser will also serve beer, wine and a selection of liquors making for a truly unique cultural experience. Image source

Marvel at the City’s Imperial Grandeur


With its undeniable opulence on every corner, it’s easy to see why Vienna’s beautifully historic city centre has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. Once the heart of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Vienna boasts a myriad of styles from gothic to baroque, art noveau to renaissance.

Be sure to pay a visit to the central Stephansplatz and marvel at the Stephansdom cathedral or to simply wander the cobbled streets, taking the magic in. Image source

Enjoy the Cosmopolitan Nightlife

In a city with caffeine running in its very veins, it’s no surprise that Vienna comes alive after the sun goes down. A night owl’s dream, there’s no end of options when it comes to partying the evening away.

Many of Vienna’s famous cafes change from day to night, revealing their party sides when the lights go down. Check out Leopold café and Café Dreschler to find out more. You can also head to the clubs under the railway arches around U Thaliastr., Josefstädterstr. and Alser str. to discover first-hand the vibrant music scene that the city is famous for.

Indulge in the Delectable Cuisine


If you’re a fan of cake, then you’re in the right place when it comes to indulging your sweet tooth. Vienna’s classic sachertorte is famous the world over and Viennese deserts are one thing that you can’t afford to not indulge in.

If you’re more of a savoury lover, Vienna has a plethora of delicious street food options – a firm favourite is the Naschmarkt where you can pick up some bread, cheese and meat and have an alfresco picnic in a nearby park. Image source

Have you ever been to Vienna? What’s your favourite thing about the city?


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