Vegan places in MadridWho said it’s not possible to find good vegan restaurants in Madrid? Times are changing in the Spanish capital and today travellers can easily find places to enjoy the best of the eco cuisine as well as a full menu of organic beers and wines. Because World Vegan Day is not too far off on the calendar, here is my list with the coolest eco-friendly cafes in Madrid. Image: Madrid underground via Flickr

1.La Cocina de la Mojigata: Eco home-made catering

La Mojigata used to be a wonderful vegan café in the heart of Huertas, one of the trendiest areas in Madrid. The place gained its reputation thanks to a full menu of organic milkshakes and glutten free muffins, among other delicatessen. After some time its founders, Natalia and Fernando, decided to take their green idea to the next level. They closed the shop and opened their own home-made catering service called “La Cocina de la Mojigata”. According to them, the company wants to bring back the old times when people used to spend time on cooking and baking at home.

2.Al Natural: A vegetarian institution since 1994

Al Natural restaurant in Madrid

Image: Al Natural

It opened its doors in 1994 and today they celebrate their 20th anniversary. This place offers an easy philosophy: Healthy food for healthy people. Its founder, Jorge Acero, explains how the combination of experimentation and creativity is the key to Al Natural’s success,” we work with fresh groceries from small producers that always have an eye for detail”. In this sense, diners can find here top dishes that come with berries from Tibet, Andine quinoas and, of course, lots of ginger. Wine lovers will be also in luck, as the restaurant offers an amazing list of ecological wines from Rueda, Alicante and Madrid- German eco beers are also available for those looking for an international taste.

Address: 11, Calle de Zorrilla

3.Abonavida: A meeting point for local vegans

Based in the trendy Chueca, Abonavida will encourage vegan travellers to pop in and immerse themselves in a very cool and eco atmosphere thanks to the creative menu available- Don’t hesitate to go for dishes such as “”Zensational,” “A walk in the woods,” and “Life is what you make of it”… Abonavida is much more than just a vegan restaurant; it’s also a meeting point for vegan locals and anyone interested in eco farming talks and vegan food tastings. This is definitely a must-visit café in Madrid!

Address:3, Calle Navas de Tolosa

4.Rayén Vegano: Passion for eco ingredients

Rayen Vegano restaurant in Madrid

Image: Rayén Vegano

Rayén Vegano is one of those places at El barrio de las Letras (The Words’ Quarter) where food invites you to be healthy. Behind this beautiful establishment, we find a couple, Noemi and Paulo, who one day decided to set up a place where vegans could pop in every day and where people were able to consume just fresh and ecological products. Those who have visited Rayén Vegano, especially recommend the seitan (wheat gluten) which comes with mustard as well as the salads and the small pasties. Last but not least: Once you have your meal in front of you, don’t hesitate to ask the staff about the ingredients and the elaboration process; they will be more than happy to share their secret with you!

Address: 7, Lope de Vega

5.Viva la Vida: An eco-friendly buffet in the heart of Madrid

Viva la Vida follows a very easy concept: Once you get a voucher you need to consume 500 grams of food, which will be not a problem as the buffet here is endless. Diners will be able to choose from a vast selection of vegan dishes including lasagne with aubergine, rice with salted Portobello mushrooms, sushi and falafel balls. As the name indicates, the restaurant is lively and brightly decorated- it also has a cocktail bar and a garden salon!

Address: Plaza de la Paja, 16, Costanilla San Andrés


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