Europe’s Chocolate Itineraries

Are you mad about cocoa? Do chocolates melt your heart? Then say no more: you need to discover our chocolate tours of major European capitals!

Did you know that chocolate was introduced into Europe by a Roman merchant? That the first chocolate factory in Paris opened in the 18th century and that Berlin’s oldest factory dates back over a century?

Pack your bags and set off to discover the chocolate history of Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Paris, and Rome while sampling their world-famous and unique products. Get hands-on and learn how to make pralines, truffles, and chocolates in expert workshops. Visit the most beautiful museums dedicated to the cocoa bean and chocolate, then head straight to famous chocolate shops to stock up… all these cocoa-infused activities will give you a taste of the decadent and indulgent side of these cities.

Give in to temptation and let your taste buds take you on a journey of discovery, where your love of chocolate will be reaffirmed at every turn!