If you love to travel, chances are, you’ll be constantly on the lookout for new destinations to explore: embracing cultures you’ve never experienced and taking in new sights, sounds and smells. From city breaks in Paris and Berlin to the sunny beach holidays of Ibiza or Sorrento, you’ll want to pack as many locations into your annual leave as possible.

However, the more you travel, the more you spend, so thrifty tips from seasoned travellers will always come in handy. Whether it’s package holiday bundles or out-of-season flight reductions, we’ve selected our five favourite budget-busters who’ll help you on your money-saving journey.

Get the most out of your trip with Budget Traveller

Kash from Budget Traveller with street art in Athens
To truly get the most out of every trip, why not take a look at the Budget Traveller’s list of 75 money-saving tips when travelling around Europe? A few handy hints from the mega checklist are to eat in instead of heading to touristy restaurants, and shopping locally to make al fresco picnics whilst enjoying beautiful local parks. Searching for free museums in key locations, and money-saving travel apps to download for your Euro journey, are also among the top tips. Kash’s full list of hints can be found here.

Know-how with the Savvy Backpackers

James and Sue from Savvy Backpackers
James and Sue offer an independent resource in savvy travel around Europe. Giving insight into everything from trip-planning to packing, transport and sightseeing, they tick off a plethora of destinations around this great continent. We love their post on the different travel seasons and how to account for your day-to-day costs when travelling. For those who love the latest gadgets, James and Sue provide a budget-friendly tech review featuring tips about what to look for when buying new gizmos.

Budget for a big trip with A Little Adrift

Shannon from Adrift at the Great Wall of China
Shannon is a Florida girl who loves to travel, and especially travelling slowly, making her way through various locations and experiences over 11 months on only £12k! Shannon shares her stories and advice, even posting a full spreadsheet of her own travel budget: practical advice for those looking to save up for a big trip. Shannon outlines the pros and cons of each flight, recommends travel insurance companies and her very own specific packing list. A big advocate of volunteering in countries, Shannon shows how you can give something back to local communities while seeing different parts of the world.

Top tips from Backpacks and Bunkbeds

Neil Barnes with a globe from Backpacks and Bunkbeds
Neil from Backpacks and Bunkbeds started his blog on budget travel over ten years ago. Living in London, Neil holds down a 9-5 job while travelling the world, and he prides himself on getting the most out of his money when it comes to jetting off. Embracing what many consider to be expensive countries, Neil is an expert at finding nifty ways around the prices. Top tips for expensive cities involve walking rather than public transport, getting exercise whilst seeing more of the sights and saving pennies. He also suggests opting for street food and independent restaurants over fancy eats.

Budget travel with children from Y Travel

Caz and Craig from YTravel on camels in Uluru
Caz and Craig Makepeace are a married couple based in Australia, who have lived in five countries and seen the sights of 52. They’re on a mission to prove that travel doesn’t have to stop when you have children, and neither does budget-friendly holidaying. They provide location-specific pages targeted at those with families, such as visiting Japan with kids on a budget and ways to save pennies on family road trips in Australia.

From planning ahead to thrifty dining, there are many ways to save before and during your trips. Do you have any fail-safe methods for budget travel? We’d love to hear them! Tweet us at #ExpediaBudgetTravel


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