Halló! Hvernig hefurðu það? Chances are, you‘ll take to a translation app to find out what that little snippet of Icelandic means (‘Hello! How are you?’, by the way). Translation apps are really handy to have on hand when you jet off to exciting new places, but mobile phones aren’t the only travel gadgets that could make a real difference to your holiday. There’s a whole wealth of tech waiting to capture your experiences, keep you entertained and make your trip as relaxing as possible. The question is, which are the best of the bunch?

The Expedia Holidays team have hunted high and low to find our favourite holiday gadgets, and settled on five pieces of tech we’re sure will make your next trip even more memorable. So, without further ado, let’s see the winners!

Canon PowerShot SX410


Holiday snaps are a great way to freeze memories in time and make everyone back home green with envy. Choosing which one to buy, however, isn’t always so fun. After all, great quality cameras usually come with a price to match, right? Not always!

The Canon PowerShot SX410 has both superior image quality and an affordable price tag; coming in at around £99.99. Oh, and not forgetting a 40x zoom!

With this camera, there’s no need to weigh yourself down or fill your suitcase with spare lenses. Everything you could need is already inbuilt, and the camera is small and lightweight enough to fit comfortably into your hand baggage, with room to spare for a good book and your essentials. It also comes with built-in image stabilisation (IS) – very handy for boat trips on rough seas – and HD video capabilities. Showing off your trip of a lifetime has never been easier!

Bose® SoundLink® Mini II Bluetooth Portable Speaker

If you thought that portable speakers were best reserved for garden barbecues, think again! The Bose® SoundLink® Mini II measures in at a compact 5.1cm x 18cm, making it the perfect gadget to slot into your hand luggage.

Whether you’re getting ready to explore the local nightlife or fancy a bit of music while relaxing on the beach, these speakers are the system for the job. They work using a Bluetooth connection, meaning you can play everything from your smartphone music library to a specially formulated Spotify playlist. They even come complete with a built-in speakerphone, meaning that if a call comes in from a loved one, mid-song, you can “wish you were here” without disrupting your holiday soundtrack.

Kindle Paperwhite

Holidays are a great time to finally catch up on those books you’ve been desperate to read; be it airport favourites, inspiring travel tales or gripping thrillers. The only trouble is, books take up valuable luggage space and, depending on the tome, can weigh a ton!

This is where the Kindle Paperwhite comes in. Light and compact, you can carry around as many books as you like in one place. The best thing about the Paperwhite, though, is just how similar it feels to reading a real book. The text is crisp and the display is non-reflective, so you won’t be blinded by sun glare when you’re reading by the pool! A single charge can also last up to six weeks, which means one less charger to remember.

Anker PowerCore 20100 power pack

Speaking of chargers, there’s one particular travel gadget that could eliminate them from your luggage altogether: a power pack! These portable devices charge multiple gadgets at once; really useful if you’re a tech-heavy traveller.

We think the pick of the bunch is the Anker PowerCore 20100. It has enough power to charge an iPhone 6 seven times or an iPad Mini twice, so if you’re planning on travelling with minimal gadgets, will last through shorter breaks without you having to replenish its energy.

If you’ll be charging everything from your phone to your tablet and camera, all at once, you’ll also be pleased to know that the power pack is designed with a sophisticated safety system. No short circuits or surges, just topped up tech to keep you connected. At £27.99, you can’t go wrong!

Thule Strävan backpack

Packing gadgets can get tricky: carefully slotting them between towels and underwear to help protect against breakages. What would be easier is if you had a backpack that was designed specifically to keep your technological luggage safe.

The Thule Strävan backpack is perfectly sized to transport a MacBook pro, and is roomy enough to slot in a whole host of other essentials. The different padded compartments can store tablets, eReaders, mobile phones and wallets – everything you could need for your flight and upcoming adventures. It’s also small enough to be used as your hand luggage on most airlines, and is stylish to boot.

Whether you want to travel savvier or simply enhance your holiday experience, you can’t go far wrong with these top travel gadgets. Which ones can you not wait to try out? Let us know, below!


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