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A sunkissed city with an undeniably vintage feel. A historic city alive with a youthful spirit. There’s no denying that Lisbon is a hidden gem of European capitals. Combining a beautiful timelessness with a vibrant and cosmopolitan buzz, this is a place that enchants all who visit.

With days still balmy and the sun still brightly shining, October is a beautiful month to pay a visit to Lisbon. Here’s what you should do when you arrive.

See: Alfama


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As the city’s most ancient neighbourhood, Alfama has an undeniably magical feel thanks to its cobblestone alleyways and medieval architecture. With its simple way of life and distinctly village feel, visiting Alfama will feel just like you’ve stepped back in time.

Spend an afternoon strolling your way through the labyrinth of winding streets and find yourself looking up upon Castelo São Jorge, the ninth century castle that watches majestically over the city below.

Do: Ride the Tram


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One thing you simply can’t afford to miss in Lisbon is a sightseeing ride on the iconic city tram. The wooden tram trundles through the city streets, taking you effortlessly and excitingly through the historic sights of the city, up cobbled hills and past crumbling churches. It’s a brilliantly vintage way to take in the city sights – Tram 28 is a great one!

Eat: Chiado


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If traditional Portuguese cuisine at its finest is what you’re after, head to the Chiado area of Lisbon. Portugal’s laidback and hearty cuisine is typically Mediterranean and of course, being by the seaside means that there’s plenty of freshly caught seafood on offer.

Just like their Latin neighbours, you’ll find that restaurants and eateries don’t start to come to life until well after 9pm – but the sparkling atmosphere and delicious food means it’s well worth it when they do!

Dance: Bairro Alto


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For everything from traditional wine bars to sophisticated roof cocktails head to Bairro Alto, one of Lisbon’s oldest yet one of its most lively areas. Its small streets are packed with life, with people enjoying good company and after-dinner drinks on every corner.

Whether an ice-cold Imperial beer or an indulgent caipirinha is more up your street, there’ll be a place on Bairro Alto to suit your needs.

Shop: Avenida de Liberdade


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What better time than on a city break to treat yourself? Lisbon’s Avenida de Liberdade is the crème de la crème of luxury shopping, with designer shops lining the glamorous streets. Whether you flash your cash or simply window shop in a dream, here you’ll find an insight into the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Of course if your pockets aren’t lined with Euros, then head back to Chiado for cafés, bookshops and shopping aplenty at Armazéns do Chiado.

Visit: Rossio Square


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One of the city’s most historic squares, Rossio has been at the centre of Lisbon life for centuries. Boasting elegant fountains, striking statues and a plethora of local landmarks, Rossio Square is a beautiful place to indulge in a spot of people watching on a sunny autumn afternoon. What are you waiting for?

So there you have it, are you ready to discover the beauty of Lisboa?


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