Craving a little winter sunshine? When the weather turns chilly at home, you might just find yourself dreaming of the perfect sunny getaway – but you don’t have to leave it there! Turn your dreams into a reality with one of these winter destinations that’s guaranteed to beat the winter blues.

Sri Lanka


Image: Wikimedia Commons

Boasting a fascinating culture alongside its breath taking scenery, Sri Lanka is certainly a dream destination this winter. Ancient ruins and elegant temples sit alongside luscious green rainforests and bleached white sands; the food is delicious and the surf is strong. What more could you want from this tiny island perched majestically in the balmy waters of the Indian Ocean?

South Africa


Image: Wikipedia

From trying to spot the big five out on safari to enjoying the buzzing city life of Cape Town, South Africa has plenty of winter delights to offer. Head to the beaches of the Eastern Cape to soak up the sunshine or indulge in a breath taking wine tour of the Western Cape. Whatever you do in South Africa, the sun will be shining down on your trip.



Image: Wikipedia

For the ultimate slice of Caribbean paradise, you can’t beat Tobago. Alive with colour and charm, tiny Tobago is much smaller than neighbouring Trinidad and is the ideal place to kick back and relax with a super slow pace of life. Enjoy hearty food, palm-fringed beaches and world-class diving and one thing will be for sure: you’ll never want to return to the mainland.



Image: Wikipedia

For as much glitz and glamour as you could ever dream of, head to Dubai for your winter sunshine break. Sitting pretty on the Arabian Sea, Dubai is the ultimate playground for the rich and famous, a modern metropolis sparkling deep in the desert. With restaurants boasting cuisine from all over the world and shopping that will light up the eyes of fashionistas, Dubai is a thrilling choice for your winter break.

Canary Islands


Image: Wikipedia

If you want to stay a little closer to home but still crave that elusive winter warmth, the Canary Islands will treat you to all the sunshine that you could ever need! Whether you choose beachy Lanzarote or sporty Fuerteventura, fun filled Tenerife or laidback La Palma, there’s an island of choice for every traveller – and the best part is that the Canary Islands offer hours of sunshine without completely emptying your pockets!

What’s your favourite winter sun destination?


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