With an all-singing welcome The Travelling Editor, Dylan Lowe arrived in Apulit Island Resort or “paradise” as the staff insisted in words and alluded with wide beams. 

Checking into my water cottage room, suspended over water, I immediately spied a wide-angle panorama of the enclosed bay – luxuriantly spectacular. The stacked ellipses illumed a neon lime-green from afar on the beachfront, as conspicuously as the pair wading beneath cottage verandas with placid paddlework – the allure of commandeering a kayak was unavoidable.

I certainly didn’t resist one of the best modes of exploring Apulit Island; spared of directional dictation along designated footpaths, I would chart my own route around the shore, between gentle strokes and intensive-workout paces, all by myself – though at times I’d wish I brought a co-pilot to manoeuvre the two-seater vessel.

And as I ferried to shore, I surveyed fellow guests having a go at paddle boarding and peddling boats – amongst the various non-motorised water sports on offer.

Back on land, harness on waist, I clambered up the boulders to reach one of the island’s summits; having had the full eyrie view of the coast, it was time to make the descent – via rappelling down a jagged rock face, another featured activity at Apulit Resort.

Then there were the hike-in-the-dark caving experiences, when low tide exposed naturally occurring tunnels accessible on foot and begging for a glimpse inside with torchlight, yet still presenting a challenge of navigating through loose-grained terrain and narrow corridors.

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