Shanti Morada is a one of a kind boutique hotel hidden amongst the green forests and farms of Saligao. The perfect blend of luxurious hotel and intimate guesthouse, Shanti Morada will make you feel at home before you step through its doors. As you walk to reception beautiful flower garlands will be draped over your head a tilak placed between your brows as a welcome. The incredibly attentive staff make the picturesque setting feel like home. From the talented chef at creating delicious traditional Goan food at The Lantern restaurant to the fantastic bar tenders at the Jacuzzi Pool Bar, everyone at Shanti Morada aims to make your visit a dream.

The sound of the waterfall cascading into the swimming pool is the only sound that breaks the silence in the hidden garden. Every room has intricate, antique furniture specially chosen to complement the traditional Indian décor. Each detail is meticulously and beautifully attended to at the Shanti Morada to create a paradise in the Goan forest.

1) The beautiful Sé Cathedral, completed in 1619, is one of the largest churches in Asia and the largest in India.

2) One way to get around that is unique to Goa is by motorcycle taxis. Their friendly drives are known as pilots, and are licensed as taxis.

3) Over six thousand bars are licensed to sell alcohol in Goa, so you will never have trouble finding a Kingfisher when you get thirsty.


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