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Did the promise of wild parties, Dutch treats and fireworks over centuries-old canals lure you to Amsterdam on New Year’s Eve? We thought so. Keep reading for the best parties in town, the do’s and don’ts and how to celebrate your best New Year’s Eve ever!




Best Parties in Town

There are many events to be found in the city. No matter if you want to go to a costumed ball or spend NYE with your family, Amsterdam offers it. Most public celebrations take place around the Nieuwmarkt, Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein.


  • What is better than celebrating one New Year’s Eve? Celebrating New Year’s Eve worldwide! Let Club NYX take you around the world during OUT & NYX and celebrate New Year’s every hour.
  • Start the New Year in all colours of the rainbow during House of Color at NOVA. Wear the most colourful outfit you can find or let their team pimp your outfit.
  • Happy tropical New Year’s! Celebrate with Brazilian music, tapas from Spain and a typical Dutch oliebol during Gezelligheid! at Het Badhuistheater.
  • The most memorable party of the year, as they say. Start 2016 with a luxury bang during The Grand Ball 2015, hosted at Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam. The dresscode? Blanche & Noir.



Other NYE Activities

The Dutch are a traditional bunch. Each year they set of fireworks at midnight, and it is a spectacular sight. The biggest show is at the Amstel. You have the best view from the Magere Brug, but be on time to get a good spot! The national fireworks take place on Oosterdok and are broadcast on TV. The old VOC ship and the maritime museum make a beautiful backdrop to the fireworks show.

Don’t worry if you missed out on getting tickets for the main event. There are several street parties that you can join. They are held at the many squares around the city and attended by locals and tourists alike. Squares that you could check out are Nieuwmarkt, Museumplein, Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein. Celebrations start around 21:30.

Many families spend the first half of the night together indoors, until the younger people go out to party around 01:00. If you rent an apartment or have another space for you and your friends, celebrate (the first half of) your night the traditional way. Make sure you have enough drinks and buy loads of appelbeignets and oliebollen at one of the many stands around the city (or make your own!). Spend the night talking with your friends, playing (board) games and watching the ‘oudejaars conference’ on TV (granted, you’d have to speak a little Dutch). At midnight, pop the champagne and go out to watch the fireworks. After that, join of the parties or keep hanging out with your friends at ‘home’.

Grab snacks from one of the food kiosks around Amsterdam. Image credit: Aloxe.


Dos & Don’ts for Your Night

If you are planning on attending a party or going out for dinner, make sure to purchase tickets beforehand and/or making reservations. Many places are closed for exclusive parties, are sold out weeks before the event and are very very busy!

You can still set off your own fireworks in Amsterdam, but only between 18:00 in the evening and 02:00 at night. Make sure to be safe! Keep your distance from other people’s fireworks, do not set fire to fireworks while they are in your hand and put the arrows in a heavy bottle filled with sand so it can’t tip over.

Public transportation has an adapted schedule. It might be that the bus, tram or train you need does not even run. Look it up before you go out so you can prepare. The best thing is to plan to do activities all within walking distance of each other.

Most importantly, have fun during your New Year’s Eve celebrations in beautiful Amsterdam!

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