The experiences we all have whilst away, all last long after the suitcase has been unpacked. They are shared amongst friends, family, colleagues and indeed with strangers at a chance meeting. We believe that travel helps to shapes our lives – from the stories we tell to our perspectives and attitudes to others. So, naturally this also plays a role in our love lives. When we found that travel is the hottest topic of conversation on a first date, we decided to explore how travel affects your dating experience a little further by launching the Expedia Holidate!

 We partnered with new dating site and found we had a lot in common. is the first dating site that’s all about what you do on a date. A shared experience, Doing Something together immediately gives you something in common and something to talk about. And, on a date, it’s a distraction – takes the pressure off and makes the date less awkward. And as experiences go, it’s hard to beat travel for giving you something to talk about.Expedia flight

To test how travel affects your dating experience, we took 60 singles from the UK, France, Germany and Ireland to one of Europe’s most romantic cities, Venice and set a Guinness World Record for the World’s Highest Speed Date in the process!

What Happened Next?

The 60 singles were matched up based on their travel preferences and given the chance to see Venice together from several very distinct perspectives. After enjoying a romantic 5 course Venetian lunch together at the Maschere restaurant of the Splendid Starhotel in Venice, the daters headed off in groups to explore the many different aspects of Venice.

·      Learning about the history of the Venetian mask

·      Sampling wines of the Veneto regionDragon Boating Venice

·      Trying out Dragon boating on the canals of Venice

·      Navigating the canals of Venice in a kayak

At the end of the day they jetted off into the sunset with private airport taxi boatsVenice Boats

Does the romance of Venice breed romance? Or is it doing fun something together with like-minded people that leads to love? Follow the stories from the Holidate and share your thoughts on our Facebook page or click here to plan your own Venetian Holidate

Are you single? Got a single mate? Help a mate to date. It’s free to make a profile on, but Expedia fans get £10 off full subscription – use the code: Expedia.


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