It’s a Wonderful World



At Expedia, we believe in the infinite power of travel and its unique ability to enrich us, open our minds, broaden our horizons, and change our world.

Travel brings the opportunity to learn something new every day, to make memories with those closest to you or even with those you’ve just met.

It’s the mixing of cultures that creates a world full of tolerance and love.

It’s about creating a world we are proud to call ours.



Because of this, we decided to celebrate how wonderful travel is, and how it brings us together.

Working with a BBC researcher, we scoured Europe to find people who had a travel dream to fulfil. We then told the authentic stories of these real people:

Julian: A lorry driver from Birmingham with an unexpected love.
David: A photographer from York with a dream.
Bastian & Vera: An entrepreneur and make up artist from Berlin with a work-life balance battle.

We invited each of these people to a different location in the world, a location that helped a dream come true, reunited families, or stoked a passion.

Through these stories we’ve shown not only that travel is important but we’ve proven that we understand how travel can give people the moments that matter.

Through the stories we share, we hope we’ll show people that it really is a wonderful world.