La Central bookshop in MadridThe Spanish capital is seen for most of us as one of the greatest destinations for tasting wine or having a relaxing cup of coffee -as the Madrid Mayor announced when introducing the city to the committee during the 2020 Olympics Ceremony- Over the last few years, Madrid has grown and gained a good number of wine bars where there´s always a chance to read a good piece of literature. Books and wine is the last combination in the Madrid of Austrias. If you fancy a book next to either a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, it´s worth getting lost around the barrios. These are my favourite bookshops in Madrid!

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1. Italiana Madrid: The best Italian coffee shop in Malasaña

In the heart of the Malasaña area, there´s a little Italian corner where visitors can read any book written in Dante´s language as well as the best Veneto selection of wines. Italiana Madrid is a perfect destination for readers who want to forget about the world and get into the Italian scene. Bring your book, have a sit in one of the large and old tables and meet the owner, Luca Scala who will be happy to serve you a real cappuccino…

10, Corredera Baja de San Pablo, Madrid


2. La Buena Vida: The best literature in Madrid

Close to El Palacio Real, La Buena Vida is one of those places, as it names indicates that makes you feel that happiness only possible next to a glass of wine and a good literature choice. The owners are always happy to serve customers the best selection of Italian coffee as well as nice conversation. If you are writing your first novel or have something in mind, this venue is also famous for making extremely delicious Gin & Tonics. Mix up the gin and the writing and let the imagination go wild.

10, Vergara, Madrid


3. Tipos Infames: Wine & Books

Tipos Infames bookshop in MadridThis is one of the greatest places in Madrid when talking about literature and wines. If you fancy literature and wine, this is your place! On their website they clearly show they love this combination: “We like wine and we think it blends with literature”. Three madrileño friends, three wine lovers opened this place in 2010. Since then, Tipos Infames has become one of the more trendy places for people in love with wine and literature. If you live in Madrid check out their exhibitions calendar. If you just walk pass there, don´t hesitate to pop in and have a glass of Rioja.   3, San Joaquín, Madrid

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4. La Central: One of the biggest bookshops in Madrid

La Central is more than a simple book shop. Here you can have whatever you want: café con leche, a glass of wine, cocktails, food and lots of books. This Catalan company opened its door in the heart of Callado, becoming in something we could name as a “literature temple”-it’s literally a palace of 1200 m2. La Central is one of those places where you would like to stay for hours, as they look after the books as well as they do the customers. For good literature visit the book store, for food, have a sit at the Bistró and for cocktails pop in at El Garito; they have table football!

8, Postigo de San Martin, Madrid


5. La Marabunta: Cultural events in Madrid

La Marabunta bookshop in MadridBased in Lavapiés, this place is frequented by journalists, writers and people that often have something to say. La Marabunta is a good place for exchanging ideas, for cultural events and for finding a smart selection of books. Of course, they don’t forget about the wine either!

32, Torrecilla del Leal, Madrid

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Most of these book bars are situated in the bohemian Lavapiés and Malasaña, probably the best areas to visit during your stay in the Spanish capital. Of course, there are more than bars here. If you have the chance, visit Museo Reina Sofia (52, Calle de Santa Isabel) for contemporary art.


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