IMG_9963Imagine opening your suitcase on holiday this year, only to find somebody else’s belongings. Or touching down in a completely random airport, knowing very little about where in the world you’ve landed.

This is the challenge we set travel blogger Macca Sherifi a week ago, when we sent him on the #MysteryLuggage challenge. He picked up his suitcase from a lost luggage auction in London and set off for a mystery location. Understandably he was a bit nervous!

Among the strangest things found in auctioned lost luggage are priceless Egyptian artefacts, a live rattlesnake, a naval guidance system and a bag of 40 vacuum packed frogs. Macca was only allowed to use what he found in the suitcase during his trip.

Watch his video diary below to see how he got on. Would you take the #mysteryluggage challenge?


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