Did you know there are Philippines over 5000 species of marine life species? The Travelling Editor, Dylan Lowe meets some of them in Apulit Island Resort.

I could liken myself to a floating observation deck. Except less stationary with those fins, though I’d been slowing down to appreciate a novelty of coral fishes enveloping me, on every side and with their vivid hues and scaly patterns.

Barracudas, rays, moorish idols and parrotfish all seemed to have leapt out of illustrative drawings and manifested before my snorkelling goggles, only several yards after I dove in from the pier, until the congregation of marine life became so dense I had trouble identifying each life form with individual adoration.

The terrestrial biodiversity on Apulit Island was a similar tale of abundance. A guided walk amidst the island forest gave me a closer look to the fauna and flora, while ambling on the resort footpath could I spy the name-labelled trees and sun-lounging animals mingling in human presence; at least I had the resort staff to consult about each sighting, slender water monitor lizards to not-quite-Nemo false clown anemonefish.

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