Expedia.co.uk’s Holiday Spend Index reveals we’re not as savvy as we like to think when it comes to holiday bargain hunting.

  • Less than 1 in 5 of us look for deals based on the strength of the pound
  • Only 2 in 5 are looking for deals by booking flight+hotel together
  • Only 6% of us have looked for mobile deals

So here are our top tips to save this Summer:

  1. Consider choosing a destination where your currency is strong versus the local currency. When you are away you’ll receive better value on food, drinks and holiday activities.
  2. Booking a flight and accommodation together as a package with Expedia.co.uk can provide a saving of well over £200 on average.
  3. Look out for deals on mobile – Expedia offers savings of up to 40% off via the Expedia app.
  4. Book travel insurance before you leave to avoid the pitfalls of large bills and having to replace the contents of your suitcase if the worst was to happen.
  5. Book activities such as tours and excursions before you leave, saving time when you reach your destination.
  6. When booking late night or early morning travel consider the additional costs that may be incurred such as taxi fares or airport parking. If you are parking at the airport, shop around for the best deals.
  7. Use Expedia’s Scratchpad function to take the pain out of travel planning. Scratchpad stores all your holiday search results as you browse and refreshes the prices every time you login making it easy to compare options even if prices change. So you won’t risk missing out on the best deal or going round in circles searching for it.
  8. Book medical insurance before you leave to avoid potentially expensive medical bills if you fall sick or get injured. For those travelling in Europe you can get a European Health Insurance card http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/Healthcareabroad/EHIC/Pages/about-the-ehic.aspx which you can apply for online. It’s free to apply and it can mean that the cost of medical treatment is significantly reduced or even free.
  9. Check if an in-flight meal is included and weigh up the costs of saving a few pounds on your flight vs. the amount you’ll actually spend at the airport or in-flight on food.
  10. Consider all the extras when booking a hotel. A hotel might seem cheaper at first, but if you consider the cost of Wi-Fi and meals you may find you’re not really saving at all – and may even end up paying more!

FOREX Bargain Hunting

By booking a destination where your currency is stronger this year than previously you can get better value on food, drinks and holiday activities.

Some of the destinations where your pound will go further this year than last include:


  • South Africa

  • Jamaica

  • Costa Rica

  • India

  • Seychelles

  • Canada

  • Australia

  • Mexico

  • Egypt

  • China

(Based on destinations where the pound was stronger in May 2014 than may 2013, also considering demand patterns for hotels)


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