Although we would always encourage people to drink responsibly, we understand that when you wake up from a stag or hen weekend, you may feel a little worse for wear! So, we are on hand to help and have pulled together the best solutions to ease your hangover woes.

Eggs, any which way

Plate of eggs, spinach and toast

Whether you’re in the UK or partying abroad, hunt down the best breakfast you can find to soak up the alcohol from the night before. Eggs are great for clearing out toxins as they contain cysteine, a substance which helps to break down acetaldehyde (a toxin linked with alcohol metabolism and hangovers). Combine it with fresh sides like avocado, spinach and tomatoes to regain vital vitamins and add a round of toast to get the goodness back into your body.

Caffeine fix

Cup of coffee with art

Although a cup of coffee will not ‘sober you up’ as some suggest, a gentle cup, like a flat white or latte, can help to aid your sleep deprivation. If lattes aren’t your bag, maybe try a black tea – or better still, book package holidays to Italy for an authentic espresso experience. Whatever you go for, make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day, too.

Sweat it out

Trainers on pavement

Take a brisk walk, go for a swim or, if you’re feeling confident, go for a run. The main thing is to keep hydrated, so if you’re feeling terrible, listen to your body and work out what is achievable. Getting fresh air is the main thing – the way you choose to do that is up to you.

Sleep it off

Man in bed

Sleep is vital in avoiding a hangover, so getting enough is key. Sleep allows our bodies to recuperate from the night (or nights) before. If you don’t have the luxury of getting any more sleep in the evening, try and get an afternoon nap on a sun lounger or in the hotel room. For the ultimate route to relaxation, why not go all out and book package holidays to Thailand!

Best Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary in a glass

Hair of the dog is apparently one of the best hangover cures, and a Bloody Mary is said to be one of the best cocktails for the job – just don’t make this a habit. As your body starts processing the new alcohol, the tomato juice and celery will replenish the lost vitamins as the spice gives you a sharp kick. Struggling to find somewhere that serves them? Try making your own here.

Juice it

Banana smoothie with a straw

The day after a night out is all about replenishing what you’ve lost, so a juice or smoothie is a sure-fire way to get goodness inside you. Bananas are rich in potassium, as are pomegranates and many other fruits, so combine the lot!

If you’re off on a stag or hen weekend, drink responsibly, and if you do end up having a big night out, ensure you eat heartily, drink a lot of H20 and stick to your limits – the easiest way to sidestep the hangover!


    John Mackenzie

    I had tried that eating Eggs and drinking juice hangover cures and they really worked and now,I am not scared of hangover headache anymore.

    November 24, 2016 at 10:36 am

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