Croatian food is some of the best in the world, influenced by tastes of Greece, Italy, Turkey and France. It’s so delicious, in fact, that we selected Croatia as one of our World on a Plate countries, asking our lovely readers to get involved by whipping a tasty Croatian dish themselves. The Expedia team even cooked up their own Croatian feast to give you some inspiration!

Something to start

Croatian starter of cevapcici and rocket

Our starter of choice was cevapcici, a dish of grilled Croatian mincemeat that has its roots in the Balkans, during the Ottoman period, giving it its similarity to köfte. The would-be Expedia chefs discovered that Croatian cevapcici is ever so slightly different, however, incorporating a warmer, more subtle spice, a generous helping of garlic and not just lamb, but beef and pork mince, too. All we needed to finish it off was a garnish of peppery rocket and truffle pâté, just like you’d find in Split Old Town.

The main event

Croatian main course of asparagus risotto

After such a mouth-watering starter, we couldn’t wait to begin preparing the main course, and opted for an asparagus risotto (or ‘rizot od sparoga’).

Traditionally seen as Italian, this hearty risotto is a result of Croatia’s historic Mediterranean influence, and is particularly popular throughout areas of the Istria region, like Pula.

The fresh asparagus went beautifully with the parmesan and rich Maffra cheese, a melt-in-the-mouth combination that we enhanced yet further with the addition of chicken and truffle oil.

If you are embarking on our Croatian World on a Plate challenge yourself, don’t be afraid to get experimental!

Divine dessert

Croatian dessert of fig cake and fig truffles

Croatia is famous for the sweet smell of figs that fills the country during summer. They’re a local favourite, so we couldn’t very well exclude from our World on a Plate menu!

For dessert, we decided to go for a fig cake, with complimentary fig truffles. A delicacy in Dalmatia – in towns such as Drniš – fig cake was traditionally enjoyed by farmers and fisherman, who needed an extra dose of energy during a long day at work. Ours also incorporated chunky pieces of walnut for extra crunch.

If we have inspired you to have a go at creating your very own three course meal, Croatian style, why not take part in the World on a Plate challenge? You don’t even have to choose Croatia as your destination of choice, as we are covering everywhere from Turkey to Spain!

Tag your images with the #expediaworldonaplate hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – we’d love to see them!


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