Travelling is all about storytelling. Who you go with, why you’re going. Discovering the history of your destination, taking photos, making memories – every trip is a totally unique narrative of adventure.

We’re living in a global golden age of film and television. The locations we see in the stories that we consume are as dramatic and inspiring as the stories told within them – often becoming the stars of the show themselves.

From the harsh, stunning landscapes of Oscar-winning Mad Max: Fury Road, to the picture postcard streets of Copenhagen in The Danish Girl, cinema shows us vistas and cities we’d all love to visit. The visual scale and ambition of television has grown hugely in recent years. Production teams for global phenomenons like Game of Thrones travel across Europe to find the perfect settings for the sweeping epic, while Doctor Who takes viewers to every corner of the galaxy – often without leaving south Wales.

Working alongside city and culture bloggers from across the world, we’ve created The World On Screen – the ultimate guide to some of the best locations seen in films and television. From Kill Bill to Scott Pilgrim v.s. The World, discover the locations and find top tips for what to see, do, eat and drink in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

Explore the guide below.

As a bit of a preview, let’s take a look at the locations featured in a couple of recent releases – and the travel inspiration they offer.

Hail, Caesar! – Hollywood, Los Angeles

The latest work of the prolific Coen brothers, this unconventional love letter to classic cinema captures ‘50s Los Angeles in all its sun-kissed, retro glory. The Warner Bros. studio features prominently, whilst the elegant First Congregational Church of Los Angeles stars when studio fixer Eddie Mannix goes to confession. Finding period settings in such a rapidly changing, modern city is no mean feat. There’s still plenty of vintage charm to enjoy in some corners of Hollywood – and you can head to the Hollywood Museum for a fascinating insight into cinema’s original heyday.

Carol – Cincinnati, Ohio

Not top of many lists as a travel destination in the US, but the award-winning Carol showed some of the best of what the state and the city of Cincinnati have to offer visitors – particularly those planning a road trip inspired by the film. Eden Park is an elegant hilltop park in Cincinnati that features in the film as the Christmas tree farm where Therese first takes a photo of Carol. To the north-west of the city is Cheviot, home of Maury’s Tiny Cove – the quaint diner where Therese and Carol enjoy their first date.

We’ll be adding more films and shows to the guide over the coming months – if there are any locations you’d love to see featured in detail, let us know!

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