Have you ever heard of Frederiksberg? It is often called “The Green Heart of Copenhagen”… and for good reason. Frederiksberg is an autonomic municipality within the Danish capital; as an introduction to this relaxing city, let us take you on a virtual sightseeing trip. Here you can find some ideas about how you could spend a nice day in the area, including visiting the most essential attractions and finding cool places to eat, enjoy a tasty coffee, or just relax in your Frederiksberg hotel.

Taking a metro from the city centre will help you to arrive in a few minutes to Frederiksberg. A great starting point is a walk towards Frederiksberg Palace Gardens, which is one of the largest and most attractive green spaces in Copenhagen. With the castle in the background and the green trees in the front, it creates quite an impressive setting, a calm respite in the busy city. Enjoy the relaxing environment or take a boat trip and sail around in the canals as King Frederik IV did.

Next, head to Søndermarken, which was originally constructed as a park facility for Frederiksberg Palace. It has changed appearance and shape several times over the years, but today it is known as a natural park for citizens.

Under Søndermarken lies the former water tank of Frederiksberg. Today it has been transformed into an internationally recognised museum, the Cisterns. The Cisterns is a large underground area which has never seen daylight. If you want to enjoy great exhibitions or events in an unusual setting, this attraction is absolutely recommended to visit.

Next, we recommend experiencing a little bit of the Danish Golden Age. Pay a visit to Bakkehusmuseet (The Bakkehus Museum), which used to be a venue for many gatherings of famous personalities of the Danish Golden Age, such as Adam Oehlenschläger and H. C. Andersen.

You must be hungry now, so take a walk on Frederiksberg Allé towards the center of Frederiksberg. Frederiksberg Allé is a tree-lined avenue, originally constructed as the private road of the king in 1704 to lead him to his summer residence. The beautiful linden trees give a majestic atmosphere while walking towards your next destination, which is Værnedamsvej, the cozy French-styled street. It has its own identity and is a famous tourist attraction just because of the beautiful atmosphere that can be enjoyed there.

If you’re in the mood for some shopping have a walk on Gammel Kongevej, which is the city’s most popular main street with plenty of local shops and brands; you can find everything from clothes, jewellery and shoes to food, furniture and flowers. It is a majestic spot with stunning buildings on either side.

From Gammel Kongevej it is easy to reach The University Gardens (Landbohøjskolens Have), handled and cared for by students and staff of Copenhagen University’s Science Faculty. The always beautiful park is full gorgeous greenery and flowers. There is a large greenhouse in the garden, which houses the cozy Café Væksthuset, serving coffee, cakes, and sandwiches… perfect for an afternoon snack!

We hope you have enjoyed this virtual sightseeing tour! What do you think? Would you like to visit Frederiksberg?


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