Overlooking the Indian Ocean, easily accessible from Maputo International Airport and close to the city centre is the Radisson Blu hotel. Its location makes it an ideal base for exploring the various sights surrounding Maputo. The hotel takes advantage of this and organizes a plethora of tips which can span several days or just an afternoon. From exploring the history of Maputo to nearby Swaziland, their flexibility ensures you can get exactly what you’re looking for. Their Italian restaurant serves flavourful dishes and desserts that are to die for. The spacious rooms and balconies that wrap around the building to provide stunning views of the sea make a stay in Mozambique relaxing as well as spectacular.

If you would prefer to be a little closer to nature there are lodges and camp sites surrounded by it in Kruger National Park. Nkambeni Safari Camp near Numbi Gate is a sensational place to spend a night between days driving though the national park. The “tents” are beautiful and have everything you could need, it does not compromise on anything. Breakfast and dinner are included. Dinner is a buffet of delicious local food around a camp fire, local Shangaan people volunteer details of their culture and perform traditional dances. Learning about the people of Kruger as well as seeing the scenic nature and wildlife will give you a deeper appreciation of the magic of this land.

1)Although Portuguese is the official language of Mozambique, less than 9% of the population speak it as a first language. A range of local dialects, including Emakhuwa and Xichangana, are more widely spoken.

2) Due to their vulnerability to predators while sleeping giraffes generally only sleep for five minutes at a time, up to 30 minutes a day.

3) Kruger National Park is about the size of Wales!


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