Because it´s old, rustic and has lots of hidden corners still to discover, I love Europe. Its variety of urban landscapes as well as its vibrant lifestyle are some of the reasons why people can’t get enough of it. From Mediterranean terraces to Victorian facades, the old continent has plenty of restaurants, cafes, museums and parks to convince yourself that there is no other way to be happy than in the city. Here are some of the most beautiful neighbourhoods to explore this summer.

Trastevere : The quintessence of Rome

TrastevereThe Trastevere quartier is the quintessence of Rome, a very rustic place and a very Roman destination. It’s perfect to get lost through its narrow streets-Here each corner is literally a surprise! One of its treasures is the main square, Piazza di Santa Maria where we can find the best pizzerias and trattorias in town.Top tip: Try the pasta at Ai Fienaroli (Via Sardegna 137)

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Le Marais: A cosmopolitan quartier by La Seine

Street of MaraisIt is said that every quartier in Paris is a different city. Le Marais is the favourite area in Ile de France for locals when it comes to deciding the place to enjoy an afternoon of sunshine. Home to delicious falafel restaurants (Here lives the largest Jewish community), Le Marais is the closest you will get to the feel of medieval Paris thanks to its pre-revolutionary buildings.Top tip: Visit the Carnavalet Museum to find out more about the greatest Madame the Sévigné (16 Rue des Francs Bourgeois)

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Bairro Alto: Lisbon’s bohemian heart

Bairro AltoIt dates from the 16th century and it’s definitely the most picturesque place in the Portuguese capital. With hundreds of little and old cafes, Bairro Alto has been for ages that area where artists and writers used to find the inspiration. Behind old facades there is a whole world made of Fado Houses and night clubs that close late at night. If you are up for a theatres and art nouveau terraces, you´ll be in luck. The sophisticated Chiado quartier won´t be too far.Top tip: Take a seat at the Estrela Gardens, a beautiful park with very centenary plants. (Largo da Estrela)

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Prenzlauer Berg: Berlin’s chic barrio

Prenzlauer Berg, BerlinBerlin can be anything we want, really. Bohemian, charismatic, Prenzlauer Berg welcomes travellers with chic boutiques and colourful façades from the beginning of the 20th century. It´s home of young professionals as well as chic families that never miss Kollwitzplatz market (every weekend).Top tip: Explore the old brewery called The Berlin Kulturbrauerei, today the heart of the culture in the quartier (Schönhauser Allee 36)
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Notting Hill: A charming corner in West London

Houses in Notting HillNotting Hill is more than a film setting and a summer carnival. Whoever experiences a walk thought its streets will understand why this corner based in the chic West has nothing to do with stressful London. Here you will find beautiful gardens, colourful facades, vintage boutiques (Mostly in Portobello Road) and beautiful old mews. These streets don’t forget either about the nightlife-Jazz lovers, you will be in luck!Top tip: Don’t hesitate to experience a jam session at Mau Mau Bar (265 Portobello Road)
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Barri de Gràcia : Barcelona’s most vibrant nightlife

Gracia barrio in BarcelonaIt’s a fact; Gràcia is a distinctive barrio in the heart of Barcelona. It used to be an independent town but it still retains its own identity. This is an artistic barrio and it’s famous because of what Catalans known as “Festa Major”, part art exhibition, part rock concert. Enjoy the daytime by contemplating amazing modernist architecture-Casa Fuster and Gaudí’s Casa Vicens are both here. When the sun sets don’t hesitate to pop into all the bars in the area; The nightlife in Gràcia is simply vibrant.Top tip: Don’ t leave the city without visiting the wonderful Park Güell, one of the main highlights of Gaudi works in Barcelona (Carrer d’Olot)
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Plaka: The neighbourhood of the Gods in Athens

Plaka quartier in AthensYou can’t talk about Athens without mentioning Plaka. Based at the foot of the Acropolis, this is the oldest district in Athens and without any doubt the most charming place in town. Plaka is home to narrow streets, open air shops and hundreds of terraces. The Monastiraki Square and Ermou Street is where everything happens. Plaka is definitely a paradise on a busy and sunny weekend.Top tip: Eat at Daphne’s for excellent gourmet cuisine (Lysikratous 4)
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