Vacation Deprivation Survey 2015

Do Britons take
their holidays?

In a recent survey on vacation deprivation, Expedia revealed that the UK population will lose more than 95 million daysnext year, with the average worker losing three days each. Instead of using up annual leave days,employees are taking shorter trips – but how does this affect work-life balance?

Holiday Allowance

25 Days - Uk Average

The standard UK holiday allowance. The rest of Europe boasts 30 days.

25 Days - Uk Average
30 Days - European Average

Holiday Loss

3 days. The average amount of leave each person loses each year
1 in 5 people in the UK dont't take their full allowance

Impact on Work

The UK are most worried about leaving workmates:

12% cited word as the reason for not taking a holiday
4% of Britons worry about what employers think when taking holidays
65% said their workplace supports annual leave
55% of the UK never check emails on holiday
1 - 5 can't plan holidays in advance due to work

Holiday Habits

25 Days - Uk Average

believe holidays help overall happiness.

4% of Britons worry about what employers think when taking holidays
Improving relationships and general health

Holiday Goals


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